Tenemos el placer de anunciar el encuentro de jóvenes FROM THE BIN TO THE GALLERY que tendrá lugar en Lefknonas (región de Serres) en Grecia del 30 de abril al 7 de mayo de 2014. Podrán participar desde nuestra asociación 4 jóvenes de entre 18 y 25 años, y un líder de grupo (sin límite de edad).

SUMARIO (en inglés)

“From the Bin to the Gallery” project is a multilateral youth exchange between Greece, Spain, Latvia, Romania & Italy with 4 youths ages 18-25 and one youth leader participating for each country, focusing in Artistic Up cycling as a mean for Youth to enable themselves and their communities to fulfill their need for emotional release through creative expression. The project will take place in the beautiful rural area of north Macedonia (Lefkonas village, suburban region of Serres, Greece). In the midst of the actual worldwide crisis, where art supplies tend to be rather expensive, artistic up cycling provides a viable alternative to reduce the costs of artistic workshops. During this project youths will discover the range of materials or objects with the possibility of up cycling. Learn through hands on experimentation the different possibilities of the objects to be up cycled, discover how recyclable / up cyclable materials are handled in the 5 participating countries leading the discussion to create consciousness on the importance of recycling / up cycling for the environment, foment and encourage a “take what you need” conscience, using role playing games to gain insight on guiding teens through the creative process. Thru a workshop for the youngsters of the venue, under the supervision of the project facilitators , the participants will guide the teens in an artistic up cycling experience, applying the skills and knowledge learned throughout the program. Gain reassurance and confidence on their capabilities, given by the completion of a learning—>applying—>sharing knowhow cycle. The results of the experiences of both youth and teens will be mounted on a exhibition hosted locally. Fostering an acknowledgement and appreciation for each other’s cultural identities similarities and differences, creating consciousness on, and providing an environment free of any form of exclusion, are points that are taken in action and emphasized by means of non formal education embedded thru out the activities of the program.

¿CÓMO VIAJAR HASTA SERRES? (información en inglés)

The project is located in Northern Greece in the village of Lefkonas, 78km far from Thessaloniki. Closest main city to the venue is Serres (5km away).
The nearest airport is the one in Thessaloniki. The International Makedonia Airport (SKG) has a lot of connections to many European cities, so it shall be easy for you to find a flight from your country.
Also, you have the option to arrive in Athens airport ,and then by train (about 6-7 hours) to Thessaloniki.


Ser socio de Libertas International. Si todavía no eres socio/a visita este link: http://www.libertasinternational.com/membership/. Es necesario tener un nivel básico de inglés para poder comunicarse con los participantes de otros países. Los participantes colaborarán con 15 euros para gastos administrativos de su plaza, no reembolsables, al confirmar su plaza. El programa cubre alojamiento, comidas y reembolso del 70% de los gastos de viaje, siendo el límite de gastos 450 euros. Los participantes recibirán el 70% de los gastos de viaje presentando insitu tarjetas de embarque (muy importante), facturas (muy importante), billetes de tren, autobús, metro, etc.


Envíanos tu curriculum a infolibertasinternational@gmail.com mostrando tu interés en este proyecto. Escribe “FROM THE BIN TO THE GALLERY” en el asunto del email.

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