celebrating cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue in Europe 

We are very glad to have by 5th time a partnership with the organization Ormansag Nonprofit Ltd. This year the theme for our partnership is EUROPEAN FOOD CULTURE.

“European Food Culture” project will be the 8th large youth exchange project in history of Sustainable Ormánság Nonprofit Ltd. Since 2015 migration crisis and future of EU are more and more serious topics and dividing EU countries. In the present political and media situation we would like to bring closer different culture without any negativity like it is commonly presented. We would like to show that EU political problems connected to the new migrants situation don’t suppose to close our European society to the other people. Interculturalism this is the field which contains ideas like tolerance, commends distinctness which make the base for integration. Because it is so important to promote that and see it wider then only the problem of the contemporary Europe. Our goal is integration of the participants, expanding the knowledge of the participants regarding intercultural subject, expanding the knowledge of the participants regarding the history of Europe, expanding the knowledge regarding the presence of the new culture in Europe. European cuisine is as varied as the many countries that make up Europe. While there are many differences between the various cuisines that fall under the term of European cuisine, there are also similarities. The history of Europe can be tasted in the food, as many of these dishes are thousands of years old. The culture of European countries is maintained in their dishes which are able to formalize unity and ensure easy recognition of European values such respecting cultural and linguistic diversity. In addition the project activities promoting self sufficient and healthy lifestyle, creative entrepreneurship, intercultural dialogue and common European heritage. Participants are going to live in a camp and holiday homes, commute by bike and explore rural lifestyle. In between we are going to focus on current topics of EU, like Euroscepticism, socio-economic situation of EU, protection of European heritage, solidarity and social inclusion in Europe. We would like to bring closer all these topics to the local people also for better understanding of unity in diversity concept.


· Make your own food and beverages − baking brad and pastry, brewing beer, making fruit juice

· Design a cookbook − with recipes and history of dishes each participating country

· Blog design − articles, short videos, analog photography and social media

· Dinner show − performances with folk music and dance in 3 villages, cooking together with locals

From our organization Libertas International 5 young people and 1 group leader will take part in this program that we have been waiting to happen for a long time.

We already did the selection of participants but you can write us if you are interested in other programs to

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