in Sidi Ifni (Morocco) that will take place the months of April & May 2013

Our organisation in cooperation with a Moroccan organisation is preparing a voluntary project in the city Sidi Ifni for teaching languages and organising leisure activities for youngsters, during a length of 2 months (preferibly April and May 2013).

We are looking for 2 Spanish language teachers, 1 French language teacher and 1 English language teacher.

All volunteers will live together in an apartment and will volunteer 4 hours per day teaching languages in a public high school. Also they are expected to prepare activities for the youngsters of the city ( cinema forum, art workshops, cultural activities -seminar about your country-, karaoke, environmental project, etc.). All new initiatives coming from the volunteers will be more than welcome.

Where is Sidi Ifni? Click here

Sidi Ifni is a beautiful city by the Atlantic ocean, 180 km far away from Agadir city. For several periods of the history it was a Spanish territory so many inhabitants speak Spanish language.

Conditions: accomodation & meals are provided. The project is open for the members of Libertas International and there is a participation fee of 35 euros.

If you are interested in participating in our project, please send us your CV and motivation letter to infolibertasinternational@gmail.com and write “voluntary project in Sidi Ifni” in the concept of your email.

4 thoughts on “Voluntary Program 2 months in Sidi Ifni (Morocco) for teaching languages

  1. Hi im very interested for the volunteering program. I can be spanish language professor and also help in english language, but im done with university the 5th of june so im available after that date till 10 of august. Let me know if there is any possibility to help.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hola, soy estudiante de Grado en Ciencias de la actividad física y el deporte, estudio en la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria y actualmente estoy de erasmus en Berlín. Pienso que podría ayudar a intercambiar juegos y deportes que se realicen en España y por lo tanto, desconocidos la mayoría para ellos.
    Me encantaría aportar mi granito de arena.


  3. Hey,
    My name is Peter, i am Slovakian and i would like to apply for English language teacher. I have lived in UK for 6 years, also i have been traveling around the world, so my english skills allows me to teach people. If you are interested let me know, cause i am very interested to spread the word. Thank you very much for your reply. It would be a pleasure to help.

  4. Hello,
    I have already sent you my CV. I did that last year in September and then again this January.
    I studied in US and France, and I come from Montenegro. I speak English and French and I could teach both. I also have some voluntary based working experience with high school and middle school children (in Montenegro and US).
    I tried to call your phone, but nobody answered. I also sent an e-mail a few month ago, but no reply. Could you please tell me whether I am eligible to reapply for this call you posted? I am officially not a member of your organization but I can pay the fee, no problem.
    Best regards,

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