We invite you to join a Study Visit to the most famous UN-institutions and other organizations in the Hague, the Netherlands!

The Hague is one of the most important world’s cities accomodating a range of international organizations. It hosts a number of UN-institutions and other international organizations among which are – International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Permanent Court of Arbitration.

We invite you to join the Study Visit from 7th to 11th Dec 2015 to visit international organization in the Hague and learn more about their work and this beautiful city.


During the Study Visit participants will attend UN-institutions and other international organizations. During the visit we will see the organizations themselves, meet the staff members of the organizations that will present their work and introduce us to the organizations. Participants will learn about the work of the organization, will have a chance to ask about career opportunities in each organization and ask any other questions they’re interested in.

During the visits young leaders – youth workers and youth – will have the opportunity to learn about the work organizations do in the field of youth and to see if there are any possibilities for cooperation. The program will be very interesting for young people who are actively working within youth projects – they’ll learn how international organisations (including UN-institutions) work with youth and in which way youth organisations can cooperate with them.


We will be accommodated in hostels in the Hague. Meals are not provided.
Accommodation is provided from 7th to 11th December. If you arrive earlier or leave later – we might be able to provide you accommodation for extra nights for additional payment – please let us know if you’re interested in and we’ll be able to advice you on the price for extra nights.


The working language of the program will be English. We expect participants to have at least intermediate level of English. During the program we recommend participants not to be shy and try to communicate as much as possible with other participants despite their level of English. As this Visit will not only teach you more about UN-organizations, but give a good opportunity to practice English.


The Hague is one of the largest and one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands which hosts a large number of international organization. The program is pretty intense but of course you’ll have free time as well, so we suggest you to plan in advance what you’d like to do in free time as the Hague has a lot to offer: rich night life with many bars and clubs, museums and much more! And don’t forget Amsterdam is just 50 min train ride!


If you need a visa to enter the Netherlands – please let us know in advance and we will provide you a visa invitation. Please note in a number of cases you need to make an appointment in the Consulate of the Netherlands in advance. If you need a visa – please contact the Consulate and make the appointment as soon as possible as in some countries the consideration of applications also might take time.

Please note – we do NOT provide a visa. We provide a visa invitation. Together with this invitation and other documents you need to apply to the Consulate directly in order to receive a visa. We do not recommend using the services of any mediators for applying for a visa – we suggest applying to the Consulate directly.


The participation fee for the program is 390 euro.

The fee includes accommodation in the hostel, visits to the organization, the support of organizers who will be with the group. Meals are not provided. Participants need to pay for their own travel to and from the Netherlands.

Participants will make a first payment of 200 euros(*). Upon arrival participants will make 2nd payment in cash and currency euro. We do not accept other currencies.


In order to apply for the program please send your CV together with a brief cover letter to the following email address – infolibertasinternational@gmail.com– please indicate “The Hague Study Trip” as the topic.

* POLICY REFUND: For participants who make first payment and cannot attend our event there is a policy refund. We will be able to refund them only 135 euros once they prove that they cannot attend the event for different reasons (health, new job, family trip, declined visa, not having enough funds for buying flight, missing flight, etc.). The payment of the refund will be done once the project is finished, this means 11th December 2015.

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