Nio Far will aims to create a sustainable cooperation between Africa and Europe in the youth field through activities which will address the needs of the organizations by empowering their youth workers with competencies and tools to become multipliers of more effective actions to promote youth active participation and to contribute to foster inclusiveness within their communities.

In this respect, it aims to:

  •   Strengthen the cooperation between Europe and Senegal;
  •   Strengthen the quality of youth work and to contribute to the recognition of its value and its potential;
  •   Reinforce synergies with other sectors, such as other education systems, the work field and society.To contribute to the achievement of these objectives, NIO FAR proposes a path aimed at:
  •   Encouraging the acquisition of skills and in particular to promote a new or a greater (in the case of participants from Senegal) familiarity with non-formal education methodology and with theimplementation of the skills acquired;
  •   Allowing the use of open source tools for training and understanding the potential of using ICT tools

    as a means to promote inclusion;
    To achieve this goal the project will consist of:

    A Long Term Training Course made of:

    •   6 days residential part (Sassari from 05/07/2018 to 12/07/2018)
    •   Online part (through an opensource platforme)
    •   Local multiplying events
    •   Final conference (Ziguinchor 26/10/2018 to 1/11/2018)
      1. LEARNING OUTCOMESParticipants will:
        •   To improve their social, civic and linguistic skills;
        •   To increase their cultural baggage;
        •   To develop soft skills and competence on using IT platform for on line education,
        •   Learning to learn, manage, mediate, solve conflicts and difficult situations;
        •   To work in teams and in interpersonal contexts;
        •   To practice active listening and mutual respect;
        •   To develop mediation skills and critical thinking.
    •   To develop project management and networking skills

      Participants will become “multipliers” of the results achieved by involving other young people and associations in a process of positive change and improvement of living conditions. PARTICIPANTS

      The project aims to involve 21 participants between 18 and 30 years old from 3 countries (Italy, Senegal and Spain). Participants will   Youth interested in becoming active but with few experiences in training and facilitating;  Young people from the partner organisations who are already engaged in training and education

      The processes of young people at local level. Participants are required to basic English language knowldege.

      The selection will respect the principle of gender balance.

      The project will cover travel costs, accommodation and all costs for participants.

      If you want to take part in this project please send us an email to

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