We love to see the world; we like to meet new people, get some new experience and challenge ourselves! Actually we are – Galina Jakovenko and Annija Bernava. Currently we are studying in Turiba University, Riga, Latvia. Galina studies Public Relations and Annija – International Communication Management! So we are communication people! We are in our final year in university and about to cross the finish line with our studies. Very important for us is to do an internship. And for this we chose to do it with Libertas International. In order to improve their communication and for us to get some real life experience in our study field. We truly like and admire the work and projects that organization does, so we are more than happy for opportunity to be here!

Our first week in Mersin is already over, but we are definitely looking forward for more things that will amaze us! We can say – Only first week – but it feels like months already. So many new experiences!! We have met amazing people and already have made many friends! Stereotypes are already changing and we are truly in love with this country. People here are surprisingly friendly, outgoing and helpful, one of the best people we have ever met.  Sometimes it even doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the same language – there are more other ways how to communicate. And we are surely using all of them.

There are also a lot of things which we found so interesting and so different from our country – Latvia.

First of all – weather. We come from country, where in January, it is minus  A LOT, but not here. It is just perfect. Sun is smiling and making us happy already – In January! Public transportation is absolutely crazy, but in a funny and nice way! You can get in and out of bus wherever you want! So handy! J Don’t even need a bus stop. Food is so tasty here – or how that would be in Turkish – cok lezettli. Yogurt everywhere and with everything! Red, yellow or green light  – that all means you can continue your driving. J Those are just a just a few things that we wrote down. But there are MANY more! We enjoy every minute here!

We got our own apartment, which has a beautiful view to the beach. But over all we can already say that this internship and the time we will spend here will not just give us more experience professionally, but will  (and already has) help us to understand differences and common things within the people and culture. I guess you can say – we are learning life as well.

With love, Annija and Galina

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