In October 2012 I participated in a course of the European Union in Alicante (Spain), under the “Youth in Action Programme” and promoted by the “Association Libertas International”. There was a young group from Mediterranean countries: Egyptians, Palestinians, Italians, Moroccan, Spanish and French. All aimed at enhancing and enriching intercultural exchange.

I lived an unforgettable experience. As a sociologist and professional career councelor

I got to understand their problems, politics, culture, customs, labor market, securities, etc.. Because of the discussions, games, role-playing, college campus visits Alicante, youth participation with that of a school, etc.

There was an atmosphere of solidarity, respect and tolerance. Bringing values and knowledge to promote social cohesion among countries. We shared experiences between cultures and has promoted intercultural dialogue.

With all this knowledge and experience I learned a lot to appreciate what we have in Spain. I was shocked at how bad much people spend Gaza (Palestine) that has virtually no water because of Israel do not give it. See you speak with such joy and love that reflect. The Egyptians told us they have a problem that their older generations do not understand them. Also many participants from Egypt, Morocco, etc. super van covered because they can not see or arms or legs or head uncovered. With the temperature at that time was in Alicante, showed no heat and were very proud to be so.

I encourage everyone to participate in such a great experience. I’ll never forget the participants and especially to acknowledge the great work that makes the president “International Libertas” thanks to their knowledge and work I have been able to participate in this course.

Camila Vázquez

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