The project had a significant impact for all the participants. It was an especial project for all. It was for the right people in the right place in the right moment.

From the beginning of the project, everybody arrived with the idea that we are there to have a better life, no matter how. And from here, we “adapt” and we start to know better each other’s and having fun, because this is the best way to be in the same wavelength.

With such a nice beginning, all the reunions, energizers, meals, walks and activities have been beautifully shaped. We felt the support and friendship from the organizers, and they have provided all the necessary. An additional it was that the leaders from each country, they have created from the APV a good connection and in the project they collaborate very well, and adding open participants, the atmosphere has surpassed our expectations.

In one week, we had everything, from a lot of laughing, delicious meals, crazy and pleasant reunions, energizers and activities, enjoyable communication, and successful coordination.

 Diana Vestineanu

We learned about…

–        Theater in an entertaining and provocative way, about attitudes about life through the scenes, about discrimination and inclusion through spontaneity.

–        Health and feeding with documentary, family atmosphere, support and sharing.

–        Sport from experts and putting into practice.

–        About us through reflection, trust, debate and testimonial.

–        Other cultures, traditions, people, food with creativity, entertainment, music, good atmosphere and right activities.

–        Happiness and way of thinking through imagination and playing.

–        Working together in team, creating our own “product”, feeling sharing value information and experiences.

–        Importance of the concentration, reflection through good instruments and methods

–        Learning one from each other, sharing positivism, humor, friendship and listening.

NOW we want more…! We want PART 2 ofMy life my way!

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