Work camp in Jordan from 24th to 31st August 2018

The camp is a mixture of hard work, peace-building, intercultural learning, and adventure, while having fun and enjoying the surrounding tangible and intangible natural and cultural riches. The idea behind the camp is to promote dialogue and cooperation among people of different cultures and backgrounds to addresses global issues around human development and sustainability, including extremism and intolerance. We believe that global challenges have local impacts and local challenges can have global impacts. Therefore, the camp has been designed to inspire global leaders that can work together to bring about innovative solutions to our common challenges.

The work camp provides a unique experience of living the Bedouin life in the south of Jordan. Bedouins are nomadic Arab peoples who have historically inhabited the desert. They live in portable tents or shelters that give them the flexibility to move around with their animals. They are experts in surviving in the desert and are known for their delicious tea and storytelling.

Target Group

We aim at offering impactful and affordable volunteer opportunity to small groups of 8–20 international volunteers from different countries and backgrounds.

Type of Work:

Volunteers will be unplugged from their usual life and experience a simpler style of living. They will be engaged in community service initiatives and enjoy the outdoors and nature. They will also have access to a variety of activities including camel riding, sleeping in the nature, sightseeing, handicraft making, cooking traditional food with local beverages. Campers will work for about 5 hours per day. They will be accompanied by a local community leader and his assistants who will guide the experience and make sure that the group fulfills the program goals.

Example of Activities:

  • Community Service; engage in making repairs to local schools, teach basic English Language to elementary school students, teach basic Computers / internet skills…etc.
  • Interfaith visits; visits to religious shrines and houses of wordship (Mosque, Church) and meet with religious leaders (including ethnic and religious minorities).
  • Protect and preserve the environment; clean public places, touristic and historical sites. Participants will experience nights in nature and sleep in Nabateans’ caves (Nabateans are the ancient Arabian trips who built Petra)
  • Visit historic sites; Petra, Wadi Rum (the Valley of the Moon), the Crusader castle of Montreal in Shoubak…etc.
  • Experience the rich Bedouin culture; Learn how to prepare Bedouin traditional food and beverage, raise animals, make Bedouin handicrafts…etc.
  • Meet and interact with locals from different backgrounds.
  • Campfire storytelling.
  • Sports: you will experience and learn how to use sports as a tool for intercultural cooperation andteam-building- activities.COST OF PARTICIPATION
  • 150 € (to be paid in Jordan) + 50 euros for becoming a new member of Libertas International + 35 euros for administration costs (Libertas International)We have worked hard to bring the cost to minimum; most of the logistic work is done by volunteers without any compensation. Also, none from the hosting Bedouin community is paid. The idea behind the camp is to enable as many people as we can to have such a unique experience at affordable costs.The amount of EURO 150 will cover the following costs:
    • –  100€ : for food and accommodation for 5 days.
    • –  50€ : for transportation inside Jordan during the camp period, including trips to Petra and

      Rules, conditions and requirements:

      • A referral from an individual or a like-minded organization.
      • Age above 18 years.
      • Intermediate English language level (can speak and understand English reasonably welland can use basic tenses and vocabulary)
      • Possession/ use of illegal drugs is not allowed.
      • Acceptable level of Interpersonal and cultural sensitivity competencies.
      • Environmentally friendly.
      • Previous volunteering experience is preferred.
      • The camp is founded on trust, honesty, respect, accountability, and caring. Participants areexpected to live these values.
      • In a good health condition.
      • Travel and health insurance.
      • Participants are requested to buy the Jordan travel pass (available which cost JOD 70 (USD 99), it includes the visa fees of JOD 40 (US$56.50) and entry to over 40 of Jordan’s tourist attractions including Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, and much more.
      • Sleeping Bags, comfortable choses and clothes for outdoor activities, temperature in desert can vary dramatically from day to night.
      • Serious romantic activity is to be avoided. Sexual activity is forbidden.
      • –  Culture exchange through experiential learning (on the ground).
      • –  Increase formal and non-formal skills through a learning by doing approach.
      • –  Opportunities to learn about specific aspects of culture, handicrafts making, religions,food, etc.
      • –  Activities that promote teamwork and leadership.
      • –  Environmental education.ACCOMODATION:Participants will be accommodated in two Bedouin tents to separate male and female. They will cook for themselves (a kitchen with its appliances is available). Special diets can be accommodated. It is recommended that participants bring their sleeping bags with them as they may have the chance to sleep in the nature and old caves for two nights.

        Approximate Location: The project will be conducted in Husseiniya village in the Governorate of Ma’an, 220km south of Amman. The place is close to many historic sites including the ancient city of Petra, Wadi Rum (the Valley of the Moon), the Crusader castle of Montreal in Shoubak and Mount Hor (the mountain is named Mountain of Prophet Aaron. There is a tomb for Aaron at the top of the mountain).


        Participants are recommended to take Airport bus to the last station (North Station). It costs less than USD 5). We will pick them up from the last stop station.

      Send us an email to with your personal details and your motivation to take part in this summer work camp in Jordan.

curso internacional WORK FOR INCLUSION del 22 al 29 de enero 2014 en Plymouth (Reino Unido)

De nuevo nuestra organización Libertas International colabora con asociaciones de Reino Unido. Tenemos 8 plazas para participantes de España, Letonia o Francia para participar en el curso WORK FOR INCLUSION que tendrá lugar en Plymouth (Reino Unido) del 22 al 29 de enero de 2014.


El curso de capacitación WORK FOR INCLUSION ofrecerá una experiencia de aprendizaje internacional para los profesionales activos en el campo de trabajo de los jóvenes , que les permitirá desarrollar sus competencias en la creación de proyectos para jóvenes de comunidades marginadas. El curso durará 7 días y tendrá lugar en la bonita ciudad de Plymouth, Reino Unido en enero de 2014. Reunirá a más de 20 participantes procedentes de España , Francia , Letonia , Turquía y Reino Unido . Este curso nos proporcionará una ” caja de herramientas ” de enfoques adecuados , medidas, esquemas y actividades para proyectos para los jóvenes con menos oportunidades. Los jóvenes con menos oportunidades son el tema central de esta formación.

La formación está compuesta por dos elementos : la experiencia y  la teoría . Teoría proviene de la experiencia . Cuanto más tienes, más recibes. Vamos a combinar estos dos elementos para lograr el objetivo de la formación que es proporcionar las habilidades y capacidad de acción.

El curso se basa en los principios y la práctica de la educación no formal, teniendo en cuenta los participantes con necesidades, motivaciones y experiencias.

Durante este curso los participantes encontrarán ideas para motivar y apoyar a los jóvenes de diversos orígenes culturales para convertirse en un actor responsable en la sociedad y crear concienciación de su potencial.

Objetivos del curso son :

– Desarrollar los conocimientos, habilidades y actitudes para organizar un proyecto para jóvenes con menos oportunidades, sobre la base de la práctica de aprendizaje no formal , los principios y las normas de calidad de los programas para jóvenes de la UE;

– Trazar los retos de los jóvenes con las diversas identidades culturales

– Para conocer las mejores prácticas relacionadas con la planificación y ejecución de los proyectos

– Permitir a los participantes reflexionar sobre su aprendizaje y que se familiaricen con el Youthpass (certificado de participación que ofrece el programa Juventud en Acción)

– Ofrecer la oportunidad de conocer a posibles socios y grupos para hacer contactos en otros países.


Plymouth is a city and unitary authority area on the south coast of Devon, England, about 190 miles (310 km) south-west of London. It is situated between the mouths of the rivers Plym to the east and Tamar to the west, where they join Plymouth Sound.

The origins of Plymouth can be traced back to Saxon times, more than a thousand years ago, and its history very much reflects its maritime location.

Plymouth established its reputation both as a centre for voyage and discovery, and for its military importance. Transatlantic trade originated with William Hawkins in 1528. His son John laid the foundations of an organised naval force.

In 1572 Sir Francis Drake became the first Englishman to sail into the Pacific, and in 1577 he embarked on the first ever circumnavigation of the globe. Back in Plymouth, Drake masterminded the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. According to popular legend, he played bowls on Plymouth Hoe as the Armada sailed up the Channel. Drake was responsible also for the establishment of England’s first colony, at Roanoke in Virginia, an act that may be regarded as the origins of the British Empire.

Perhaps the most celebrated expedition to leave Plymouth was that of the Pilgrims. Persecuted for their puritan beliefs in eastern England, they set sail for the New World on board the Mayflower in 1620. After spending a few weeks in Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod, they eventually landed in Plymouth Harbor and helped to establish a new Plymouth community.

Further explorations that left from Plymouth included three voyages to the southern ocean and the Pacific made by James Cook, the first in 1768. He was the first explorer to set foot on what are now the Hawaiian Islands, where he died in 1779. In 1831 Charles Darwin left Plymouth for the Galapagos Islands, where he formulated his revolutionary theories of natural selection and the Origins of Species. More recently, in 1967 Sir Francis Chichester started and finished at Plymouth the first ever solo circumnavigation of the globe on board his yacht Gypsy Moth IV.

You can also find more information about Plymouth here: and


The New Continental Hotel

The hotel is located in the heart of Plymouth, minutes away from Plymouth’s historic waterfront and adjacent to the Amber Initiatives office. Hotel Features. Facilities in all rooms include; Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities: Hairdryer, Direct dial telephone, Colour television, Iron and ironing board, FREE Wifi.

Steps from the bustling centre of Plymouth city into the quiet relaxation of our newly refurbished reception, lounge and Roma Bar. All have been designed to offer a combination of peace and calm ambience in which to read, work and share a drink or snack with colleagues and friends. Relaxation and exercise is assured in the Leisure Club which is complete with heated indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam room, solarium and beautician and the restaurant provides the ideal setting to relax and unwind offering a range of dishes from around the world.


Ser socio de Libertas International. Si todavía no eres socio/a visita este link: Es necesario tener un nivel básico de inglés para poder comunicarse con los participantes de otros países. Los participantes colaborarán con 18 euros para gastos administrativos de su plaza, no reembolsables, al confirmar su plaza. El programa cubre alojamiento, comidas y reembolso del 70% de los gastos de viaje, siendo el límite de gastos 300 euros. Los participantes recibirán el 70% de los gastos de viaje presentando insitu tarjetas de embarque (muy importante), facturas (muy importante), billetes de tren, autobús, metro, etc. El reembolso se hará después del evento a través de transferencia bancaria.


Envíanos tu curriculum a mostrando tu interés en este proyecto. Escribe WORK FOR INCLUSION en el asunto del email.

Libertas International is a youth organization composed by young experts from several countries willing to work together to make this world better