Work camp in Jordan from 24th to 31st August 2018

The camp is a mixture of hard work, peace-building, intercultural learning, and adventure, while having fun and enjoying the surrounding tangible and intangible natural and cultural riches. The idea behind the camp is to promote dialogue and cooperation among people of different cultures and backgrounds to addresses global issues around human development and sustainability, including extremism and intolerance. We believe that global challenges have local impacts and local challenges can have global impacts. Therefore, the camp has been designed to inspire global leaders that can work together to bring about innovative solutions to our common challenges.

The work camp provides a unique experience of living the Bedouin life in the south of Jordan. Bedouins are nomadic Arab peoples who have historically inhabited the desert. They live in portable tents or shelters that give them the flexibility to move around with their animals. They are experts in surviving in the desert and are known for their delicious tea and storytelling.

Target Group

We aim at offering impactful and affordable volunteer opportunity to small groups of 8–20 international volunteers from different countries and backgrounds.

Type of Work:

Volunteers will be unplugged from their usual life and experience a simpler style of living. They will be engaged in community service initiatives and enjoy the outdoors and nature. They will also have access to a variety of activities including camel riding, sleeping in the nature, sightseeing, handicraft making, cooking traditional food with local beverages. Campers will work for about 5 hours per day. They will be accompanied by a local community leader and his assistants who will guide the experience and make sure that the group fulfills the program goals.

Example of Activities:

  • Community Service; engage in making repairs to local schools, teach basic English Language to elementary school students, teach basic Computers / internet skills…etc.
  • Interfaith visits; visits to religious shrines and houses of wordship (Mosque, Church) and meet with religious leaders (including ethnic and religious minorities).
  • Protect and preserve the environment; clean public places, touristic and historical sites. Participants will experience nights in nature and sleep in Nabateans’ caves (Nabateans are the ancient Arabian trips who built Petra)
  • Visit historic sites; Petra, Wadi Rum (the Valley of the Moon), the Crusader castle of Montreal in Shoubak…etc.
  • Experience the rich Bedouin culture; Learn how to prepare Bedouin traditional food and beverage, raise animals, make Bedouin handicrafts…etc.
  • Meet and interact with locals from different backgrounds.
  • Campfire storytelling.
  • Sports: you will experience and learn how to use sports as a tool for intercultural cooperation andteam-building- activities.COST OF PARTICIPATION
  • 150 € (to be paid in Jordan) + 50 euros for becoming a new member of Libertas International + 35 euros for administration costs (Libertas International)We have worked hard to bring the cost to minimum; most of the logistic work is done by volunteers without any compensation. Also, none from the hosting Bedouin community is paid. The idea behind the camp is to enable as many people as we can to have such a unique experience at affordable costs.The amount of EURO 150 will cover the following costs:
    • –  100€ : for food and accommodation for 5 days.
    • –  50€ : for transportation inside Jordan during the camp period, including trips to Petra and

      Rules, conditions and requirements:

      • A referral from an individual or a like-minded organization.
      • Age above 18 years.
      • Intermediate English language level (can speak and understand English reasonably welland can use basic tenses and vocabulary)
      • Possession/ use of illegal drugs is not allowed.
      • Acceptable level of Interpersonal and cultural sensitivity competencies.
      • Environmentally friendly.
      • Previous volunteering experience is preferred.
      • The camp is founded on trust, honesty, respect, accountability, and caring. Participants areexpected to live these values.
      • In a good health condition.
      • Travel and health insurance.
      • Participants are requested to buy the Jordan travel pass (available which cost JOD 70 (USD 99), it includes the visa fees of JOD 40 (US$56.50) and entry to over 40 of Jordan’s tourist attractions including Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, and much more.
      • Sleeping Bags, comfortable choses and clothes for outdoor activities, temperature in desert can vary dramatically from day to night.
      • Serious romantic activity is to be avoided. Sexual activity is forbidden.
      • –  Culture exchange through experiential learning (on the ground).
      • –  Increase formal and non-formal skills through a learning by doing approach.
      • –  Opportunities to learn about specific aspects of culture, handicrafts making, religions,food, etc.
      • –  Activities that promote teamwork and leadership.
      • –  Environmental education.ACCOMODATION:Participants will be accommodated in two Bedouin tents to separate male and female. They will cook for themselves (a kitchen with its appliances is available). Special diets can be accommodated. It is recommended that participants bring their sleeping bags with them as they may have the chance to sleep in the nature and old caves for two nights.

        Approximate Location: The project will be conducted in Husseiniya village in the Governorate of Ma’an, 220km south of Amman. The place is close to many historic sites including the ancient city of Petra, Wadi Rum (the Valley of the Moon), the Crusader castle of Montreal in Shoubak and Mount Hor (the mountain is named Mountain of Prophet Aaron. There is a tomb for Aaron at the top of the mountain).


        Participants are recommended to take Airport bus to the last station (North Station). It costs less than USD 5). We will pick them up from the last stop station.

      Send us an email to with your personal details and your motivation to take part in this summer work camp in Jordan.

Curso intensivo de inglés en La Haya (Holanda) del 1 al 28 de agosto de 2018

 Desde 2009 estamos implementando un programa de aprendizaje del idioma inglés en uno de los países más exclusivos del mundo: los Países Bajos. En verano, te invitamos al programa de aprendizaje de inglés de verano en los Países Bajos, donde puedes mejorar significativamente tus habilidades lingüísticas, pasar tiempo en una de las ciudades más bellas de Europa y conocer a muchas personas de todo el mundo.

¡Este no es solo un curso de inglés! Es un programa lleno de experiencias inolvidables, nuevos encuentros y mucho más en una de las ciudades más increíbles del mundo: ¡La Haya!


El objetivo principal del proyecto es brindarles a los jóvenes la oportunidad de practicar inglés y mejorar sus habilidades lingüísticas. Además, el proyecto también permite a los estudiantes aprender más sobre la cultura de un país increíble: los Países Bajos, que pasan 2 semanas o 1 mes en una de las ciudades más exclusivas de Europa: La Haya. El proyecto tiene amplios elementos culturales y sociales: excursiones, visitas a diversas organizaciones, reuniones con personas interesantes, actividades de ocio que permiten a los estudiantes no solo mejorar las habilidades del idioma inglés (el programa cultural también se lleva a cabo en inglés), sino también aprender mucho sobre el país en el que se desarrolla la educación

Aprender un idioma extranjero en el extranjero no es solo una tendencia, ¡este es el método más efectivo para aprender el idioma si desea obtener resultados a corto plazo! ¡La inmersión en el entorno de un idioma extranjero es la mejor manera de superar la barrera del idioma y hacer una pausa importante en el estudio de un idioma!

Los profesores de inglés de este programa son hablantes nativos del Reino Unido, EE. UU. Y Australia.

 El método comunicativo de enseñanza se practica ampliamente durante el curso. En este método, se anima a los estudiantes a hablar el idioma lo más posible para superar la barrera del idioma. A su llegada, el dominio de los estudiantes en inglés será evaluado y se dividirán en grupos según sus niveles. Las clases se llevarán a cabo 5 días a la semana y durarán 4 horas académicas por día.


El alojamiento se proporcionará en la residencia de estudiantes de la universidad. Los estudiantes vivirán en habitaciones dobles (las habitaciones individuales son posibles por un cargo adicional).

El curso tendrá lugar en La Haya del 1 al 28 de agosto de 2018.

¡La Haya es una ubicación altamente internacional y excelente para el curso de inglés!

Además, los Países Bajos es un país muy pequeño y puede viajar fácilmente dentro del país durante su tiempo libre. Para tener una idea de las distancias, solo se tarda 45 minutos en llegar desde La Haya a Amsterdam. El aeropuerto más grande de los Países Bajos, Schiphol, está a solo 15 minutos en tren desde el centro de la ciudad de Amsterdam y media hora desde La Haya.

Además de las lecciones, ofreceremos un programa social adicional: conoceremos personas, visitaremos organizaciones y realizaremos seminarios sobre diversos temas. La Haya es uno de los centros internacionales para las Naciones Unidas y otras instituciones internacionales. Aquí encontrará la Corte Internacional de Justicia, el Tribunal Penal Internacional, la Organización Internacional para las Migraciones y muchas otras organizaciones internacionales relacionadas con las Naciones Unidas y otras.


 Además de las clases de inglés, los estudiantes serán invitados a participar en diversas actividades: un recorrido en bicicleta, una visita a “La Haya Secreta”, “List Hunt”, visitando diferentes organizaciones, juegos nocturnos con jóvenes locales y otras actividades donde se trabajará el idioma de trabajo. Inglés, por lo que podrán practicarlo incluso fuera de su sala de estudio.

Entre las visitas más populares habrá:

 Museo Van Gogh

 Casa Anna Frank


 Museo de la Casa Rembrant

 Palacio Real de Amsterdam

 Fábrica Heineken


 Oude Kerk

 Distrito de Jordania



 Hermitage Amsterdam

 El Museo Nacional Marítimo

 Museo de Fotografía

 Estadio Olimpico

 De Gooyer Windmild

 Basílica de San Nicolás

 El programa cultural tiene como objetivo desarrollar habilidades de comunicación, así como introducir a la cultura de los Países Bajos y otros países.


El curso dura 2 ó 4 semanas

 También puede combinar el idioma inglés con el holandés.


La tarifa del curso es la siguiente:

Curso de 4 semanas: la tarifa será de 1290 euros.

Curso de 2 semanas: la tarifa será de 990 euros.

Curso de inglés comercial de 4 semanas – la tarifa será de 1590 euros

 Clases individuales: la tarifa será de 1990 euros. Si vienes con tu novia / novio y quieres

aprender un idioma juntos, el programa en un grupo de 2 costará 1750 euros por persona.

 4 semanas de curso de idioma holandés – la tarifa será de 490 euros (tenga en cuenta que puede tomar este curso como un adicional al curso de inglés. El horario de clases no coincidirá con las clases de inglés).

Si desea registrarse para 2 semanas en el programa puede elegir: las primeras 2 semanas o las 2 segundas semanas del programa.

 La tarifa incluye:


Clases de lunes a viernes – 4 horas de clases por día

Actividades culturales y sociales en las tardes y tardes.


Haz click en este link: this form

Respondemos a todas las peticiones de inscripción y tardamos como mucho 2 días laborables.


 Si necesitas visado nosotros te enviamos una carta de invitación para que puedas solicitar tu visado en el consulado holandés de tu país.

Junto a la solicitud de visado deberás adjuntar nuestra carta de invitación y toda la documentación que el consulado te solicite. Normalmente el consulado solicitará datos personales, fotos y una tasa de gestión que varía del país. En la mayoría de consulados hay que solicitar cita con antelación así que empieza desde hoy mismo a buscar la información de cómo pedirla. Nosotros también podemos orientarte pues tenemos mucha experiencia.


Si tienes cualquier tipo de pregunta o quieres que te ayudemos con cualquier tema específico escríbenos un email a

English Course and New Year's Eve Intensive Program in Amsterdam (Netherlands) from 24th December 2014 to 6th January 2015

Dear Friends !

We invite you to participate in the English Course and New Year’s Eve Intensive Program in Amsterdam that will be held from 24th December 2014 to 6th January 2015. A 2-weeks program immersion in the English language – classes with native speakers 5 times a week, a cultural program during the day and party / casual chat in the evenings! 2 weeks in Amsterdam will allow you to improve your language skills and to overcome the language barriers!

This is not just an English language course! It is a program full of unforgettable experiences, new encounters, dating and much more in one of the most amazing cities in the world – Amsterdam!

We have already had courses before in Amsterdam and it was very nice 🙂


The main objective of the project is to give young people a chance to practice English and improve their language skills. In addition, the project also allows students to learn more about the culture of an amazing country – the Netherlands, spending 2 weeks in one of the most unique cities of Europe – Amsterdam. The project has wide cultural and social elements – excursions, visits to various organizations, meetings with interesting people, leisure activities that enable students not only to improve the English language skills (cultural program is also conducted in English ), but also learn a lot about the country, in which education takes place!

Learning a foreign language abroad – is not just a trend, this is the most effective method to learn the language if you want to achieve results in the short term! Immersion in the foreign language environment is the best way to overcome the language barrier and make significant break in the study of a language!


English teachers in this program are native speakers from UK, USA and Australia.

Every weekday English classes will be offered to students. Emphasis will be made on the development of students’ speaking skills in order to overcome the language barrier. At the same time, students will be able to learn all the aspects related to grammar as well.

The communicative method of teaching is widely practiced during the course. In this method students are encouraged to speak the language as much as possible in order to overcome language barrier. Upon arrival, students’ proficiency in English will be tested and they will be divided into groups according to their levels. Classes will be conducted 5 days a week and will last 4 academic hours per day.


Accommodation will be provided at the University of Amsterdam and the Free University of Amsterdam students’ residences, or private apartments. Participants of the program will be accommodated in single and double rooms in various buildings in the city centre.


In addition to English language classes students will be invited to participate in various activities – a bike tour, a tour of “Secret Amsterdam”, “List Hunt”, visiting different organizations, evening games with local youth and other activities where working language will be English, so they will be able to practice it even outside their study room.

Among the most popular visits there will be:

Van Gogh Museum

Anna Frank House


Rembrant House Museum

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Heineken Factory


Oude Kerk

Jordan District


Hermitage Amsterdam

The National Maritim Museum

Photography Museum

Olympic Stadium

De Gooyer Windmild

Basilica of Saint Nicholas

The cultural program aims to develop communication skills, as well as introduce to culture of the Netherlands and other countries!


The length of the course can be 2 weeks.

2 weeks: from 24th December 2014 to 6th January 2015


Participation fee 790 euros: accommodation in double bedroom, English language course and cultural activities

 Participation fee 690 euros: accommodation in double bedroom and cultural activities

 The apartments where the participants will live include kitchen so you can buy your food and prepare it as you wish. Food is not included in the program, you are responsible to buy it.

Flight or VISA is not included in the program. However, we will help you for you to get your Shengen Visa to the Netherlands. We have a lot of experience giving invitation letter to participants from Russia, African countries, Asia or Latin America, and all applicants successfully got their visas.


Please, send us an e-mail with your application form fully completed by email to

Download your application clicking here ENGLISH-COURSE-APPLICATION-FORM-2014_AMSTERDAM

Libertas International is a youth organization composed by young experts from several countries willing to work together to make this world better