Encuentro internacional de juventud SAY YES TO CHANGE del 21 al 28 de febrero 2015 en Murska Sabota (Eslovenia)

Os invitamos a participar en el encuentro internacional de jóvenes SAY YES TO CHANGE que tendrá lugar en Murska Sabota (Eslovenia) del 21 al 28 de febrero de 2015. Habrán participantes de Eslovenia, Francia, República Checa, Rumanía, Italia y España.


The youth exchange titled “Say Yes to Change” will bring together 42 young people from Slovenia, France, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, and Spain to discuss about the topic of reduction, reusability and recycling of waste and rubbish.
Together, participants will come up with creative and innovative strategies to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and rubbish. The young people will not only try to change the image of rubbish & waste in a society, but will also aim to give rubbish new positive meaning. This topic is particularly important in some of the partner countries where waste management and generally environmental problems are a big issue. Recycling is not very widespread and it does not have the same social meaning across all the EU countries. This youth exchange aims to tackle this problem among young people and promote recycling.
During the exchange the participants will learn and discuss traditional ways of thinking about rubbish and how the rubbish is recycled, reused and reduced. They will take pictures of rubbish that describe its traditional image. This will be followed by creative workshops that will come up with new meanings and uses of rubbish. Some of the workshops will aim to produce practical and artistic artefacts out of the rubbish. Those will be photographed and compared with the traditional uses. To spread the new understanding of what rubbish is and could be, the participants will spend a day in the city.
The exchange will prepare participants to be active European citizens who understand their rights and duties and can be in charge of green societal change. It will develop their creativity and sense of entrepreneurship, will prepare them to take part in discussions about political and social matters, broaden their understanding of green matters as well as inspire them to organise community events. It will also develop their intercultural skills and will give them better understanding of other European countries’ cultures.

– Name games, know each other, ice breakings, trust games…
– Presentations of countries and organizations
– Erasmus+ Program and Youth Pass tools
– Reflection groups: There will be times every day to prepare the Youth Pass and reflect about the daily activities, skills, attitudes and knowledge.
– Evaluations: time every morning for a short evaluation about the previous day (feelings, activities, stuff, etc.) We will plan enough time for a final evaluation in order to know how the full experience was and prepare the Youth Pass.
– Intercultural dinner after the first day activity. Every team should bring some typical food or/and drink specialties from their Country. Consider that we are 42 participants and everyone will be happy to taste all of it!

We will run informative workshops that will reinforce participants’ knowledge about how and how long materials take to decompose & what recycling, reducing and reusing traditionally mean. We will also have a session on European citizenship that will include a brief overview of EU’s environmental policy that will later be discussed by participants.
We will have a series of discussion. First of all we will ask the participants to reflect on traditional ways of thinking about rubbish and recycling, reducing, reusing. Secondly, we will ask their opinion about how social change takes place and what is the role of citizens in bringing the change back home. Thirdly, we will encourage them to discuss the image of rubbish and protection of environment with local citizens during a visit to a city. Fourthly, we will ask them to discuss and share recycling schemes used by their communities and whether they think they are working.
Creative workshops will be the key workshops of the exchange. Participants will come up with new strategies of recycling, reusing, reducing rubbish. They will be seeking new uses for normally thrown away things, such as jars, bottles, plastic packaging, garden waste, kitchen waste. They will also have artistic workshops when they will change ordinary rubbish into art. Finally we will ask them to find new ways/procedures of recycling for their own communities and we will ask them to share them with local government after their return home. All of the new uses for rubbish and new
strategies developed will be made into photos and pictures so we could share them easily with wider society.
Young people would work in mixed, international groups and it will be their task to deal with it and prepare some presentation. Through these activities we want to make young people think more about topics they consider as usual and to try to come up with a possible solution. We also want to make young people to be able to talk and express their opinion.


Serán seleccionados 6 participantes de entre 18 y 30 años, y un líder de grupo. Los participantes deben de tener un nivel de inglés para poder comunicarse con otros participantes. Como se harán actividades en grupo los participantes deben ser responsables para la total participación en todas las actividades y asistir a todas las actividades que se organicen. Buscamos jóvenes que respeten otras culturas y nacionalidades y estén preparados para participar activamente durante todo el evento.

Los participantes deben ser socios de Libertas International, pero si no lo son pueden proceder a asociarse. Aquí está el link con más información: http://www.libertasinternational.com/membership/


El programa cubre alojamiento, comidas, actividades y gastos de viaje. El máximo de gastos de viaje que podrá reembolsarse a los participantes españoles es de 170 euros para ida y vuelta.

Existe una tasa de participación de 30 euros a pagar a los organizadores en Eslovenia. Desde nuestra organización no pondremos ninguna tasa de participación en este proyecto.

El reembolso de los gastos de viaje se hará presentando tickets originales, facturas, tarjetas de embarque, etc. Es recomendable hacer el checking online para tener un documento pdf que permita presentarlo allí, y de este modo ser reembolsados en persona.


Los participantes serán alojados en el Castillo Dvorec Rakican. Estarán incluidos desayuno, comida y cena.


– Los participantes deberán asistir a todas las actividades

– Está prohibido tomar bebidas alcohólicas o tomar drogas

– Los participantes deben respetarse unos a otros

– Es imprescindible ser puntuales


Envíanos un email a infolibertasinternational@gmail.com con tu CV y tu muestra de interés.

Libertas International is a youth organization composed by young experts from several countries willing to work together to make this world better