Work camp in Jordan from 24th to 31st August 2018

The camp is a mixture of hard work, peace-building, intercultural learning, and adventure, while having fun and enjoying the surrounding tangible and intangible natural and cultural riches. The idea behind the camp is to promote dialogue and cooperation among people of different cultures and backgrounds to addresses global issues around human development and sustainability, including extremism and intolerance. We believe that global challenges have local impacts and local challenges can have global impacts. Therefore, the camp has been designed to inspire global leaders that can work together to bring about innovative solutions to our common challenges.

The work camp provides a unique experience of living the Bedouin life in the south of Jordan. Bedouins are nomadic Arab peoples who have historically inhabited the desert. They live in portable tents or shelters that give them the flexibility to move around with their animals. They are experts in surviving in the desert and are known for their delicious tea and storytelling.

Target Group

We aim at offering impactful and affordable volunteer opportunity to small groups of 8–20 international volunteers from different countries and backgrounds.

Type of Work:

Volunteers will be unplugged from their usual life and experience a simpler style of living. They will be engaged in community service initiatives and enjoy the outdoors and nature. They will also have access to a variety of activities including camel riding, sleeping in the nature, sightseeing, handicraft making, cooking traditional food with local beverages. Campers will work for about 5 hours per day. They will be accompanied by a local community leader and his assistants who will guide the experience and make sure that the group fulfills the program goals.

Example of Activities:

  • Community Service; engage in making repairs to local schools, teach basic English Language to elementary school students, teach basic Computers / internet skills…etc.
  • Interfaith visits; visits to religious shrines and houses of wordship (Mosque, Church) and meet with religious leaders (including ethnic and religious minorities).
  • Protect and preserve the environment; clean public places, touristic and historical sites. Participants will experience nights in nature and sleep in Nabateans’ caves (Nabateans are the ancient Arabian trips who built Petra)
  • Visit historic sites; Petra, Wadi Rum (the Valley of the Moon), the Crusader castle of Montreal in Shoubak…etc.
  • Experience the rich Bedouin culture; Learn how to prepare Bedouin traditional food and beverage, raise animals, make Bedouin handicrafts…etc.
  • Meet and interact with locals from different backgrounds.
  • Campfire storytelling.
  • Sports: you will experience and learn how to use sports as a tool for intercultural cooperation andteam-building- activities.COST OF PARTICIPATION
  • 150 € (to be paid in Jordan) + 50 euros for becoming a new member of Libertas International + 35 euros for administration costs (Libertas International)We have worked hard to bring the cost to minimum; most of the logistic work is done by volunteers without any compensation. Also, none from the hosting Bedouin community is paid. The idea behind the camp is to enable as many people as we can to have such a unique experience at affordable costs.The amount of EURO 150 will cover the following costs:
    • –  100€ : for food and accommodation for 5 days.
    • –  50€ : for transportation inside Jordan during the camp period, including trips to Petra and

      Rules, conditions and requirements:

      • A referral from an individual or a like-minded organization.
      • Age above 18 years.
      • Intermediate English language level (can speak and understand English reasonably welland can use basic tenses and vocabulary)
      • Possession/ use of illegal drugs is not allowed.
      • Acceptable level of Interpersonal and cultural sensitivity competencies.
      • Environmentally friendly.
      • Previous volunteering experience is preferred.
      • The camp is founded on trust, honesty, respect, accountability, and caring. Participants areexpected to live these values.
      • In a good health condition.
      • Travel and health insurance.
      • Participants are requested to buy the Jordan travel pass (available which cost JOD 70 (USD 99), it includes the visa fees of JOD 40 (US$56.50) and entry to over 40 of Jordan’s tourist attractions including Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, and much more.
      • Sleeping Bags, comfortable choses and clothes for outdoor activities, temperature in desert can vary dramatically from day to night.
      • Serious romantic activity is to be avoided. Sexual activity is forbidden.
      • –  Culture exchange through experiential learning (on the ground).
      • –  Increase formal and non-formal skills through a learning by doing approach.
      • –  Opportunities to learn about specific aspects of culture, handicrafts making, religions,food, etc.
      • –  Activities that promote teamwork and leadership.
      • –  Environmental education.ACCOMODATION:Participants will be accommodated in two Bedouin tents to separate male and female. They will cook for themselves (a kitchen with its appliances is available). Special diets can be accommodated. It is recommended that participants bring their sleeping bags with them as they may have the chance to sleep in the nature and old caves for two nights.

        Approximate Location: The project will be conducted in Husseiniya village in the Governorate of Ma’an, 220km south of Amman. The place is close to many historic sites including the ancient city of Petra, Wadi Rum (the Valley of the Moon), the Crusader castle of Montreal in Shoubak and Mount Hor (the mountain is named Mountain of Prophet Aaron. There is a tomb for Aaron at the top of the mountain).


        Participants are recommended to take Airport bus to the last station (North Station). It costs less than USD 5). We will pick them up from the last stop station.

      Send us an email to with your personal details and your motivation to take part in this summer work camp in Jordan.

Russian language course (for beginners and intermediate level) from 1st to 15th September 2018 in Moscow (Russia)

We invite you to join Russian Language Course in Moscow!

During two weeks in Moscow you will have Russian classes daily from Monday to Friday and will have the opportunity to discover Moscow – one of the most mysterious cities in the world!

The course is designed for people who have an interest in Russian language and culture. In addition to Russian classes we will offer you the cultural program to explore Moscow! You will visit the places that are usually closed from the eyes of tourists!


During the program you will be able to learn Russian language and start understanding Russia. Despite of all the politics Russia is a great country and we will try to help you to discover Russian soul and understand it better.

This trip designed for those who would like to spend some time in Moscow, see its beauty and also not just be a tourist here but learn more about the culture of Moscow and Russia.

The classes of Russian language will be daily from MON to FRI from 9 am till 2 pm. After the classes the participants will have lunch and the whole afternoon they can spend visiting Moscow, discovering the city and practicing their Russian.

The teachers during a course are highly qualified and experienced professionals. We offer the course for small groups – with maximum 8 people in each one. It means that the teachers will have a plenty of opportunities to dedicate individual attention to every participant.

There are two levels of classes:

  1. Beginners – the ones who do not speak Russian at all or know only “spasibo” and “na zdorovye”.
  2. A2-B1 level – you know the basics, can keep the easy conversation, can tell something about yourself.

There are 2 separate groups depending on the level.

The course gives an opportunity to start speaking Russian if you have not spoken the language yet or significantly improve if you already know the basics.

We use the modern methodologies that allows you to speak the language and not just ‘learn’ it! During the course we provide all study materials.

It is also possible to join the program without attending the Russian classes. For example, if your level is much higher and you only want to come to practice your skills or if a friend of yours is joining the course and you would like just to come to accompany him/her or for any other reason to visit Moscow for two weeks. In this case the fee for the participation is 600 euro including accommodation and meals.


The accommodation during the event will be provided in a unique location – a modern comfortable training center. Participants will sleep and have sessions at the same building! The training center is located in the south of Moscow (so called New Moscow area).

The training center consists on 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a large common room for the sessions. In addition to the standard facilities the training center is equipped with Jacuzzi that can be used by participants, the fire place where participants can gather in the evenings together, terrace and other facilities which will make the stay comfortable.

The training center in New Moscow is not just a building! It was constructed with the intention to give participants the feeling of the community together! To facilitate informal contacts among participants outside of the sessions. To activate the creativity

Fully equipped kitchen and the place for BBQing are also available for the participants.

In case of the good weather the outside area can be used by participants as well.

The stay at the training center in New Moscow provides unique experience enhancing the learning process!


The fee for the course is 875 euro.

The fee includes:

  • Accommodation in a modern training center in Moscow
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Russian language classes from MON to FRI
  • Some cultural program
  • Transfer to and from the airport
  • Visa support


In order to apply for the program – please send an email to the following address –

Please indicate the following information in the text of the email:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Title of the course you are applying for
  • The reasons why you would like to join the course and the expectations you have from the course

Please send a copy of the email to –

We do not have any age or geographical limits for the applicants. Person of any age from any country is welcome to apply for the course.


Nationals of the most of the countries need a visa to enter to Russia. If you are not sure if you need a visa or not – please send us an email letting us know which nationality you have and we will be happy to advice you if you need a visa or not.

If you need a visa – we will send you a visa invitation. Please note visa invitation is not a visa. With the visa invitation which you will receive from us, you will still need to go to the Russian Consulate and apply for a visa.
Together with the visa invitation you will need to bring to the Consulate some other documents (usually these includes passport, passport size photo, filled application form, in some cases – insurance, proof of finances and other documents depending on the country where you are applying for a visa). We recommend you to check the website of the Russian Consulate to see the full list of documents you need to present.

Usually it takes about 1-2 weeks to receive a visa at the Consulate after the moment you have submitted your visa application. In most of cases before submitting the visa application you need to make an appointment. Some times you can only make an appointment 1-2 months in advance. That is why we recommend you to contact the closest Russian Consulate as soon as possible to make an appointment for a visa.

Visa fee varies depending on the country where you apply. For EU citizens in most of cases the visa can be done free of charge. For non-EU citizens the visa fee is 35 or 60 euro (depending on the country where you apply for a visa). Those are the fees if you apply directly at the Consulate. In most of countries you can apply directly to the Consulate but you also have a choice to apply for a visa to the Visa Center of the Consulate, Visa Center, Travel Agency or to another organization. If you are applying through any of those organizations (e.g. anywhere except the Consulate itself) there might be extra charges.

We recommend you to apply for a visa as soon as possible. And of course – in case of any questions on any stage of visa application we will be more than happy to assist!


In case of any questions regarding the course – feel free to send us an  email to– or call us by whasapp to +34630587959.

Encuentro Internacional de jóvenes PICTURE THE NATURE en Vilna (Lituania) del 22 al 29 de mayo de 2015

Estamos encantados de tener un partenariado con una ONG de Vilna para nuestro primer proyecto en Lituania que tiene el título PICTURE THE NATURE. Participarán desde Libertas International 5 jóvenes de entre 18 y 30 años y un líder de grupo sin límite de edad. El proyecto tendrá lugar en la capital del país Vilna y contará con la participación de 48 jóvenes de Lituania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Polonia, Grecia, España, Bélgica y Croacia.


El proyecto PICTURE DE NATURE es una iniciativa que tiene por objetivo incluir a los jóvenes en el proceso de aprendizaje de la naturaleza, la toma de decisiones sobre políticas medioambientales e inspirar un sentimiento de compromiso para la protección de espacios verdes, y fomentar el desarrollo sostenible.

Objetivos Específicos

– Estimular el espíritu de iniciativa entre los jóvenes inspirados por métodos de fotografía creativa aumentando su habilidad para la creación

– Promover la fotografía como una herramienta para la protección medioambiental como un modo para adquirir conocimiento y habilidades profesionales

– Fomentar el mutuo entendimiento de la situación ecológica y la cultura en países de participantes para desarrollar un sentimiento de concienciación ecológica

– Crear una campaña en contra del cambio climático para cambiar la degradación medioambiental

– Promover la cooperación transnacional y luchar en cambio del cambio climático



Para participar es necesario ser socio de Libertas International. Si todavía no eres socio puedes escribirnos un email para conocer cuáles son las condiciones de socios.

El proyecto (financiado por el programa Erasmus+) cubre alojamiento en régimen de pensión completa, todas las actividades que se hayan durante el evento y un certificado.

El límite de gastos de viaje para los participantes españoles es 270 euros. Esto quiere decir que los participantes no podrán gastar más de esta cantidad para los gastos de ida y vuelta. Los gastos del viaje se reembolsarán a través de transferencia bancaria una vez el participante haya enviado todos los tickets, tarjetas de embarque, facturas y toda prueba de pago a nuestros compañeros de Lituania.

El participante deberá solicitar la tarjeta sanitaria europea en el INNSS más cercano a su domicilio. Es aconsejable tener un seguro de viaje con cobertura en Europa por cualquier imprevisto.

Habrá una tasa de participación a pagar en Lituania a la asociación partner del proyecto, de 30 euros.


Los participantes serán alojados en el hostal FORTUNA HOSTEL.

Liepkalnio str. 2 Vilnius, 02103 Lithuania    Phone.: + 370 656 22291


Ropa caliente y cómoda

Cámara de fotos

Canciones y danzas tradicionales

Si es posible un traje tradicional de España

Productos típicos de España para la noche intercultural


Envíanos un email a con tu CV y tu motivación para participar en este proyecto. Siempre daremos prioridad a los socios de nuestra organización.

Encuentro internacional de jóvenes SOCIALME en Lund (Suecia) del 29 de noviembre al 6 de diciembre de 2014

Estamos muy contentos de poder anunciar este proyecto tan bonito que se llama SOCIALME que tendrá lugar en Lund (Suecia) del 22 al 29 de noviembre de 2014. Podrán participar desde nuestra asociación 5 jóvenes de entre 16 y 25 años y un líder de grupo sin límite de edad.


El proyecto tiene como objetivo promover la comprensión de los jóvenes de la información que publican todos los días en las redes sociales y medios de comunicación en línea, la relevancia y el impacto en sus vidas privadas y profesionales, así como el futuro. Creciendo cada día, en línea y la popularidad de redes sociales entre los jóvenes está aumentando de forma exponencial. La capacidad de compartir información al instante con todos tus amigos a la vez y ampliar su círculo social de amigos, mantenerse en contacto con amigos – pero el entorno en línea y redes sociales también pueden ser una amenaza y afectan negativamente a la vida de los jóvenes e incluso sus vidas. El año pasado, el mundo escuchó por primera vez la noticia acerca de la expresión “violencia virtual”. En este caso particular, se trataba de una niña en Canadá, que se convirtió en una trágica víctima de este nuevo Phenonemon, después de que la chica se suicidó. Al igual que este incidente ha resultamos con muchas otras chicas jóvenes, en las fotos explícitas se descargaron ilegalmente de páginas personales en las redes sociales y posteriormente se filtró en Internet de sitios web pornográficos, que atrae a la chica una gran cantidad de atención negativa y afectar negativamente a su vida privada. Tristemente historias como ésta se hacen más y más comunes.

Los sub-objetivos y tareas se dividen en tres áreas:
1) Seguridad en Internet y las redes sociales – será parte de la discusión, que la información privada que deba hacerse pública y que debe ser escondido para protegerse en el espacio virtual;
2) La autoimagen y la autoestima en las redes sociales – El tema del impacto social de los medios de comunicación en la autoestima de los jóvenes (como “belleza artificial”);
3) Los medios sociales en el desempleo juvenil – la discusión girará en torno, cómo encontrar un empleo a través de las redes sociales, así como sugerencias y recomendaciones a que se adhieran a ciertas redes sociales de lo que y lo que no no debe ser publicada para permitir a los jóvenes desempleados de aplicar con éxito para los trabajos en el Internet.


Para participar en este proyecto tenemos plazas para 4 socios de Libertas International de sin límite de edad. Es necesario ser socio de Libertas International. Si todavía no eres socio haz click en este link:

Alojamiento y comidas está incluido en el programa. Para confirmar su plaza los participantes deberán cubrir gastos de gestión de plaza 12 euros.

Los participantes tendrán un límite de gastos de 400 euros para gastos de ida y vuelta , y de este límite se reembolsará el 70%, que serán reembolsados a través de transferencia bancaria. Es imprescincible que los participantes guarden sus tarjetas de embarque, tickets, facturas y toda prueba de pago. El pago se hará a través de transferencia bancaria.


Envíanos un correo electrónico a con tu curriculum vitae


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EROMED YOUTH CHALLENGES: UNDERSTANDING THE PRESENT TO FACE THE FUTURE is a training course that gathered 30 participants from France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Palestine and Egypt and will take place in Alicante, Spain.

The project “Euromed Youth Challenges: Understanding the present to face the future” aimed to train youth leaders, social workers, decision takers, and young activists living in countries of the Mediterranean region to explore and understand the situation that young people are experiencing in the contemporary days and how they can take actions in order to face these problems in the future.

The training course had the participation of 30 people from Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Spain, France and Italy willing to take actions to eliminate the current problems or improving the situation. The venue of the training course was the Youth Hostel La Florida, in the city of Alicante, from 7th to 14th October 2012.

The main theme of the training course was youth policies and urban/rural development.

The current challenges that young people are facing in the Euro-Mediterranean region are the effects of the globalisation, migration, climate change and environment damage, discrimination, unemployment, gender discrimination, political repression, etc.

The language of the training course was English, so the partners selected participants that are feeling comfortable when speaking English language.

The methodologies that were used for the implementation of the project were based in non-formal education. Then were some power point presentations, lectures, peer-to-peer learning, simulation activities, work in groups, presentations, debates and share of best practices.

The selection of participants was done by the associations partners of the project which were:

* Associazione OXYGEN – Italy

* Association Attadamoun pour le Développement et le Partenariat – Morocco

* Association ALTEA FRANCE – France

* Palestinian National Organisation for Youth (PNAY) – Palestine

*  El Sadat Association for Social Development & Welfare – Egypt

* NGO Libertas International – Spain

Libertas International is a youth organization composed by young experts from several countries willing to work together to make this world better