Ofrecemos 3 plazas para participar en el curso SEE A GAME. Este curso tiene como objetivo fomentar la empleabilidad entre los jóvenes y el espíritu emprendedor. Participarán 25 jóvenes de 10 países de la Unión Europea: Suecia, Letonia, Francia, España, Grecia, Turquia, Bulgaria, Polonia, Portugal y República Checa.

(EN) An entrepreneurial attitude is essential for adapting to the fast social and economic developments of our time. SEE A Game is game based activities where using a set of board games, entrepreneurial processes are simulated and entrepreneurial attitudes are stimulated.

Through „learning by doing” to acquire a new non-formal working method which in future Project participants (game masters) could use in their own countries.
Problem description
In the European Union, 7.5 million people in the 15-24 age group are neither in employment nor in education or training. This means that one in five young people on the labour market cannot find a job. The youth unemployment rate (at over 20%) is twice as high as for the whole working population and nearly three times as high as the rate for the adult active population. In some countries such as Greece and Spain, rates are as high as 60%. Within the same countries situations may differ widely between regions. Moreover, certain groups of the young population (including women, young people with disabilities, youth with migrant background) are particularly exposed to the risks of unemployment, long-term unemployment, early school leaving or inactivity. (Communication from the commision to the European parliament, the council, the European economic and social comittee of the reģions / Youth Opportunities Initiative, Brussels)”
The focus on entrepreneurial attitudes instead of on an entrepreneurial knowledge base is the major innovation of SEE A Game. Knowledge and information are not sufficient to succeed in taking charge of one’s own professional, social and personal life. What is „SEE A Game”? SEE A Game is game-based learning activities where students/players are pushed to develop an entrepreneurial attitude and competencies. Using a set of board games, entrepreneurial processes are simulated and entrepreneurial attitudes are stimulated. In particular SEE A Game focuses on the following ones:

– Assessment/Factor analysis

– Self-confidence

– Motivation

– Focusing/goal-orientation

– Taking initiative

– Out-of-the-box thinking

– Organisational competence (information, searching, planning)

– Self-reflection

– Decision making

– Problem solving

– Social competencies and empathy

– Creativity

You can see the program of activities downloading it from this link Program_SEE_A_Game_Sweden

All the participants are responsible obtaining a health and full travel insurance. The costs for the insurance have to be covered by yourselves. If applicable, remember your European Health Insurance Card.

Training course time Plan
Arrival Date: 11 August, 2013. Participants are expected to arrive no later than 17:00 in Copenhagen airport
Departure Date: 17 August, 2013. The departure will be in the morning after breakfast.
Duration (without travel days) : 5 working days

How to get to Höör?
The nearest Airport is in Copenhagen (Denmark) and the journey by train from Copenhagen to Höör (via Malmo and Lund) takes you over the Öresund Bridge connecting Denmark to Sweden and takes about 50 minutes.

Train tickets can be purchased from the Skånetrafiken ticket machines in the arrivals hall at Copenhagen Airport near the escalators going down to the train platform to track number one (1) or at the ticket Office. You can buy a ticket all the way to Höör and a single ticket cost approximately 150.00 DKK (about 20 Euros) and the best way is to pay with a credit card. It takes about 50 minutes to Höör from the airport. Trains all the way to Höör leave every 26 minutes past every hour from the airport, which means you will be in Höör about 50 minutes later. Please send us an SMS when you get on the train and we make sure that we will be waiting for you at Höör train station and transport you to the place where we will be staying during the week.

Place of Activity
We have been looking at many suitable areas to be, but found this wonderful place so we are going to stay in the country side, in a very green area with a beautiful landscape, a large lake (10 kilometers long) and 10.000 square meters of own grounds.

Financial Conditions
Accommodation and food will be covered 100%. We will provide participants with three meals a day and coffee breaks. IMPORTANT – The Youth in Action grant only covers 70% of the total travel cost. The travel costs per person are indicated above.
These travel expenses will be reimbursed to the partner organisation or participants by bank transfer. Please book as soon as possible as the longer you wait the more expensive it will be. There are some good low cost airlines, such as www.norwegian.com , www.easyjet.com (both airlines flying directly to Copenhagen airport) and www.wizzair.com (flies directly to Malmö airport in the south of Sweden) as well as www.ryanair.com (flies to Malmö airport as well). We would like to remind you that flight tickets need to be economy class. Participants need to bring and submit the original tickets, invoices, boarding passes in order to get their reimbursement. Invoices should be in Euro and your names should be written on the invoices. If the participants do not submit the respective original documents to us, their payment will not be reimbursable!!! Please let us know the costs of your travel from your country to Sweden when you buy the travel tickets.

Practical information
Sweden has GMT +1 hours
Swedish money is the Swedish KRONA/SEK (not Euro)
In most of the establishments and shops, credit-cards Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
The international phone code is +46
The temperature during the day is about + 20…+25°C

What to bring with you?
– Bring materials giving information about your own organisation and country
– Bring local food and/or drinks for the intercultural evenings and to make the evening even more entertaining, prepare a short presentation of your country maybe some traditional music, dance and if possible costumes
– swimming suits as you will be able to swim at our grounds and sports gear if you like to do jogging or something else like soccer or ballgames or rent a canoe
– Make a small survey in your country about games as a learning method and tool, especially connected with training topic – entrepreneurship. If you have any good example of games, you are welcome to take them with you.


In order to participate in this training course you have to be member of Libertas International (if you are not member click here ). Participants should be between 18 and 35 years old, to speak at least basic English and to be open minded. There is a participation fee of 25 euros.

Send your CV and SEE A GAME_Registration_Form  to infolibertasinternational@gmail.com before 15th July 2013

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