Montenegro es un lugar especial, por eso ésta es una muy buena oportunidad para los socios de Libertas International. Te invitamos a participar en el curso internacional SENSITIVITY FOR ACTIVE SUPPORT que tendrá lugar del 16 al 25 de mayo 2014 en Bar (Montenegro). Desde nuestra organización podemos enviar 2 participantes.

SUMARIO (en inglés)

Training Course is education for peer educators, youth workers and teachers and its aim is to raise awareness about sexual differences and new knowledge which will help us to live in more inclusive society. Participants will learn facts and rights in this field of life, why sexuality is taboo in most of societies, especially why sexual difference is an issue and how to use facts and knowledge to fight for free human beans, and against prejudices and taboos.

 Parallel aim is to gather more than 34 young persons from 17 countries: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Hungary, FYR Macedonia, Romania, Spain, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey and Montenegro and give them opportunity to get know each other better, braking the prejudices and stereotypes and building European spirit.


  • to increase awareness of importance of sexual health education for building more human society; free, open-minded youth and real values of European citizenship;
  • to fight with knowledge against prejudices, stereotypes and taboos about sexuality and sexual differences;
  • to increase knowledge of peer educators and youth workers in field of sexual rights;
  • to raise sensitivity of young people about sexual differences and rights, in aim to support sexual minorities in their fight for their human rights;
  • to contribute participants development of capabilities and skills in youth work consisted of spreading  the facts and knowledge about sexual differences and rights;
  • to increase role of youth citizens & civil society organizations in everyday European life;
  • to use targeted subject to make more links among young people across the Europe.

 We’ll implement methods of non-formal learning: workshops, PP presentations, role-plays, debates, forum-theatre, watching movies, energizers, outdoor activities and public actions.


Diversity issues (Process-oriented training and live exercising respect for diversities)

Goal of anti-discrimination socio-political engagement for youth and youth policies

There is no hierarchy of oppression (the whole of diversity issues: class, race, ethnic / national / religious background, look, age, sexual orientation and intellectual / physical ability – how does the oppression work?)

One person – variety of identities (specifics on integrated diversities in one person)

Prejudices, myths and stereotypes (how does the oppression work – theories and in daily life at work?)

Cage of oppression

Responsible majority

Assessing the risk for hate crimes

Hate crimes and sexual abuse

Visibility – personal and political issue

Sexual Diversity issues (Process-oriented and practicing exercises)

Goal of socio-political engagement in the field of Sexual Diversities

Heterosexism and homophobia (gender roles)

Coming out – putting in accordance personal and political

(Internalized) homophobia – methodologically working as self-help group on this theme

Building up support system for LGBT persons – special emphasize on family members (responsibility of LGBT persons vs. responsibility of Others / allies)

Psychological effects of homophobia on LGBT persons (experiences from providing counseling services for lesbians and bisexual women)

Responsible majority vs. hate crimes and sexual violence

Assessing the risk for sexual abuse

Responsibility of the state and the call for joint lobbying to reduce institutionalized homophobia

Ethics and solidarity within NGO sector vs. discrimination and oppression within NGO community and public sector

Local action: type of action will be decided on participatory basis e.g. collecting evidence on attacks on LGBT activists /educators based on their sexuality.



Seminar will take place in Hotel “Adria” in Susanj (Šušanj – Montenegrin lang. – to be said as Shushanj), which is part of municipality of Bar, Montenegro. – please, choose the option in Susanj (first option). Post address of this hotel is: Gavrila Principa street NN, Susanj, 85000 Bar, Montenegro.

 For more details about Bar, our host town, you can check the web site of Touristic Organization of Bar: (you can choose other languages, as well).

 Participants will be provided with full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee break) and lodging in 3/1 rooms. Possible other services of the hotel are at your disposal depending on their availability and at your own expense. Hair-dryer and iron plate can be taken on request from the receptionist. Otherwise, you can bring yours from home. Consider that the electricity power in the country is stabile at 220 – Volts A.C. (50 Hertz). EU type contact/point, wall plug.

All rooms have balcony, central heating, fridge, toilet with bath-cabin. Everyday rooms will be cleaned and towels will be changed by new-ones.

Every room has air-conditioning system (clime) for heating and cooling, and if someone needs it, it’s use would be charged 2,50 € per day, and that is on your own expense.


Ser socio de Libertas International. Si todavía no eres socio/a visita este link: Es necesario tener un nivel básico de inglés para poder comunicarse con los participantes de otros países. El programa cubre alojamiento, comidas y reembolso del 70% de los gastos de viaje, siendo el límite de gastos 530 euros. Los participantes recibirán el 70% de los gastos de viaje presentando insitu tarjetas de embarque (muy importante), facturas (muy importante), billetes de tren, autobús, metro, etc. Existe una tasa de gestión de tu plaza de 15 euros (para confirmar tu plaza, no reembolsables).


You should attend the program from 16. to 25. May.

  • Accommodation for participants is provided from 16. May afternoon, until 25. May – closing is right after the breakfast.
  • First meal for participants is dinner at 19 o’clock or later – it will be adjusted to arrivals.
  • Accommodation for Montenegrin participants is provided from 17. – 24. of May.
  • Arriving for Montenegrins: 17. May, before 10 o’clock. First meal is lunch.
  • Departure of Montenegrins: 24. May, after dinner.

Participants who arrive in Podgorica (airport or bus/train station) have to go to Bar by train. One way train ticket price is: 2,40 €. Or by bus, 5-6 €.

Optional: when day of TC approaches, we will consider option to organize collective transport from Podgorica’s bus station, railway station and airport, directly to hotel in Bar. This a way to avoid additional expenses for taxi transfers which are not eligible. (There is no shuttle bus from airport to Podgorica, just taxi, 7-15 euros). Off course, participants will decided where they want to be picked up, meaning that from airport you can take a taxi and visit Podgorica, but that cost will be on your own. Participants who would decide to take a taxi to Podgorica are suggested to insist on payment according to taximeter switched ON. In that case distance from airport to centre of Podgorica is around 12 km and price is 0,35-0,50 €/km.

Meeting places in case of organized transfer to hotel: Podgorica’s main bus station – Trg Golootočkih žrtava and Podgorica’s airport.


We have not foreseen in the program a session for presenting the participants’ organizations. We encourage you to present your organizations during spare time, and, of course, briefly in opening session.

For intercultural evening you are encouraged to bring some national food, sweets and/or national no-alcoholic drinks and juices, music, photos, touristic promo materials and whatever you find as good to present your country in the best way.

Please, check the suggestions about cloths in part about climate in  Bar.

There is no need to bring towels: iron plates and hair-dryer you shell request at receptionist. Also, you are free to bring your hair-dryer.

Hotel doesn’t provide soaps and shampoos.


Materials for work are provided by NGO Prima. You are free to bring your lap-tops and there is free-of-charge wireless internet in the hotel.


Envíanos tu curriculum a mostrando tu interés en este proyecto.

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