Desde Libertas International esperamos que hayáis pasado un verano fantástico disfrutando a tope. Os invitamos a participar en el curso internacional DIGITAL SOCIETY que tendrá lugar en la histórica ciudad de Weimar del 3 al 9 de noviembre 2014 en Alemania. Participarán 40 trabajadores sociales, voluntarios de asociaciones juveniles y ONGs de Alemania, Italia, Georgia, Rusia, España, Egipto, Rumania, Palestina y Bielorrusia.

SUMARIO (en inglés)

The citizens of the European Union are part of a new globalized era, in which ones initiatives and attitude do not stop at a physical border or neighbourhood. Nor does our responsability end at the edge of our political system. The partners in this project have realized this enormous opportunity to build bridges of sustainable knowledge transfers, that will enable each of the participating organisation to contribute to their society and thus create an awareness of the abode mentioned reality. This project was created as a consequence of a Long Term Training Course that happened in 2012 and 2013 in which Libertas International was active directly, where the need for further cooperation between the regions has been formulated and planned. The aim of this project has two important pillars. First to offer space to individuals to gain skill and experience in the field of internet technologies and second to foster and strengthen the partnerships between the involved organisations. 40 participants from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa will come together to learn about cyber space as a place for a new paradigms. Representatives of more than ten regions and more than eleven languages will come together to learn, evaluate and use the internet and its tools in order to develop their specific communities. It will also be avaluated to which extent the internet provides tools for exchange or tools for  participation of young people in their respective community. Participants will be representatives of their organisations, ready to implement the acquired knowledge in their organisation. Focus will be given to the representatives who face difficulties in participating in such projects. Forseen activities are based on non-formal educational principales where the learner is responsible of co-designing and co-deciding of which learning content is important for them or not, and how they would want to acquire it. We will offer experts in the field, infraestructure and a safe place to learn  and experience relationships, which are fundamental in any learning process. On a long term we would like to create a sustainable partnership network that allow organisations to operate professionally in regard to democratic tools development and their application with their respective target group.


La metodología de aprendizaje estará basada en la educación no formal: dinámicas de grupo, presentaciones, juegos educativos, debates, simulaciones, visitar culturales, etc. Los participantes tienen que tener un nivel básico de inglés para poder comunicarse con el resto de participantes de otros países.


Para participar en este proyecto tenemos plazas para 4 socios de Libertas International de sin límite de edad. Es necesario ser socio de Libertas International. Si todavía no eres socio haz click en este link:

Alojamiento y comidas está incluido en el programa. Para confirmar su plaza los participantes deberán cubrir gastos de gestión de plaza 12 euros.

Los participantes tendrán un límite de gastos de 275 euros para gastos de ida y vuelta que serán reembolsados a través de transferncia bancaria. Es imprescincible que los participantes guarden sus tarjetas de embarque, tickets, facturas y toda prueba de pago. El pago se hará a través de transferencia bancaria.


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