Intensive English language course in The Hague (Netherlands) with cultural program in August 2019







Since 2009 we are implementing a program of learning English language in one of the most unique countries in the world – the Netherlands! Coming summer we invite you to the Summer English learning program in the Netherlands, where you can significantly improve your language skills, as well as spend time in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and meet lots of people from all over the world!

This is not just an English language course! It is a program full of unforgettable experiences, new encounters and much more in one of the most amazing cities in the world – The Hague!








The main objective of the project is to give young people a chance to practice English and improve their language skills. In addition, the project also allows students to learn more about the culture of an amazing country – the Netherlands, spending 2 weeks or 1 month in one of the most unique cities of Europe – The Hague. The project has wide cultural and social elements – excursions, visits to various organizations, meetings with interesting people, leisure activities that enable students not only to improve the English language skills (cultural program is also conducted in English ), but also learn a lot about the country, in which education takes place!

Learning a foreign language abroad – is not just a trend, this is the most effective method to learn the language if you want to achieve results in the short term! Immersion in the foreign language environment is the best way to overcome the language barrier and make significant break in the study of a language!









English teachers in this program are native speakers from UK, USA and Australia. Every weekday English classes will be offered to students. Emphasis will be made on the development of students’ speaking skills in order to overcome the language barrier. At the same time, students will be able to learn all the aspects related to grammar as well.

The communicative method of teaching is widely practiced during the course. In this method students are encouraged to speak the language as much as possible in order to overcome language barrier. Upon arrival, students’ proficiency in English will be tested and they will be divided into groups according to their levels. Classes will be conducted 5 days a week and will last 4 academic hours per day.


Accommodation will be provided in the student residence of the university. Students will live in double rooms (single rooms are possible for an additional fee).

The Course will take place in the Hague from 1st till 28th August 2019.






The Hague is a highly international and great location for English language course!

Besides, the Netherlands is a very small country and you can easily travel within the country during your free time. To give an idea about the distances – it takes only 45 min to get from the Hague to Amsterdam. The biggest airport of the Netherlands – Schiphol – is only 15 min train ride from the city center of Amsterdam and half an hour – from the Hague!

Besides lessons, we will offer an additional social program – we will meet people, visit organizations, conduct seminars on various topics. The Hague is one of the international centers for UN and other international institutions. You will find here the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Tribunal, International Organization for Migration and a lot of other UN-related and other international organizations.


In addition to English language classes students will be invited to participate in various activities – a bike tour, a tour of “Secret Hague”, “List Hunt”, visiting different organizations, evening games with local youth and other activities where working language will be English, so they will be able to practice it even outside their study room.

Among the most popular visits there will be:

Van Gogh Museum

Anna Frank House


Rembrant House Museum

Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Heineken Factory


Oude Kerk

Jordan District


Jordan District


Hermitage Amsterdam

The National Maritim Museum

Photography Museum

Olympic Stadium

De Gooyer Windmild

Basilica of Saint Nicholas

The cultural program aims to develop communication skills, as well as introduce to culture of the Netherlands and other countries!






The course takes 2 or 4 weeks

You can combine English language with Dutch language too.


The fee for the course is the following:

4 weeks course – the fee will be 1290 euro.

2 weeks course – the fee will be 990 euro.

Business English 4 weeks course – the fee will be 1590 euros

4 weeks Dutch language course – the fee will be 490 euro (Please note, you can take this course as an additional to English language course. The class time will not coincide with English lessons).

If you want to join 2 weeks of the program you can choose – the first 2 weeks or the second 2 weeks of the program.

The fee includes:


Classes from Monday to Friday – 4 academic lessons per day

Cultural and social activities in afternoons and evenings.


Please, complete this form

We reply all the emails with the applications. If you have not received a reply from us within 2 working days – please, email us again, probably we have not got your email.


 We provide a visa invitation for the visa to the Netherlands. Please note – visa invitation is not a visa – with the invitation that we will send, you will still need to go to the closest Dutch Consulate and apply for a visa.

Together with the visa invitation you will need to provide other documents – usually those documents include passport, passport size photo, filled application form, insurance, proof of means, proof of work/study and other documents. The list of the documents might slightly differ depending on the country where you apply for a visa. Please check the website of the closest Dutch Consulate to see what is the list of the documents you need to prepare.

In most of cases before applying for a visa you need to make an appointment at the Consulate. Some times you can only make an appointment 1-2 months in advance. We recommend you to contact the Consulate as soon as possible to make an appointment.

The fee for the visa might differ depending on the country where you apply – you might have your visa free of charge or might need to pay for it 35 or 60 euro. Those are the fees in case you apply for a visa directly at the Consulate. If you apply via Visa Center of the Dutch Consulate, Visa Center, Travel agency or another organization – those organizations might charge extra fees for their services.

If you submit all the requested documents on time the chance for the rejection of a visa is very small. In our experience the visas are mostly rejected if an applicant provides false information to the Consulate. This could be the major reason for rejections. We kindly ask you to check the documents before the application and make sure you only provide the correct information to the Consulate and in that case you most probably will receive a visa without any difficulties.

And of course if you have any questions regarding the visa application procedure we would be happy to assist at any stage of your application!


 If you have any questions about Language Summer School we would be more than happy to assist you and answer all your questions! You can contact us though the email –

Most of the questions are already answered on the website. However, if you still have any, please do not hesitate to contact us!

If you are a minor, and you would like to have a tutor, that has an extra cost of 45 euros per day. A tutor checks that you have eaten or helps you to understand how to cook, accompanies you to the grocery store, helps you to get your clothes cleaned (explaining you how to use the facilities, makes sure you get on time to lessons, and helps you to rent a bike, etc.). Some minors need a tutor, especially for the first week. A tutor can be booked for minimum 1 week.

Aaron shares his experience during the international youth exchange APPRECIATING DIVERSITY in Tula (Russia) from 19-28 October 2018

Aaron from Alicante shares his experience while taking part in a EU funded project called APPRECIATING DIVERSITY in Russia fro 19-28 October 2018.

Everything started when I received an email from the organization saying that there was a new project in Velegozh, in the region of Tula (Russia). I would have never imagined that at the early age of 20 years old I would have already done three Erasmus + projects in Hungary, Serbia and Russia. I am writing this text from the Sheremetyevo Airport, in Moscow, and right now I have so many feelings and thoughts from these last ten days on my mind.

I want to talk about so many things, but most of all, I want to thank the organization Libertas International for making this experience possible. From Russia, I will always remember the fabulous people I have met, the beautiful place where the project has taken place and the good organization of the program. We have lived so many funny moments and the cultural exchange has been so successful. Sixty-eight people (60 participants and 8 group leaders) from four different countries (Spain, the UK, Moldova and Russia) have lived the fantastic experience of being in Russia doing so many activities of all kind where we have developed this project based on ‘’Diversity’’ and we have learned about the European Union and the different projects and volunteering in which youths like me can participate.

Some of the activities I would like to highlight are the model of UN, intercultural night, small workshops for showing different skills and international dances.

Apart from this, the interpersonal skills I have developed are huge. I consider most of the participants my friends and I know that any time I need their help or I need a house or a guide of their interesting countries, I can count on them; and this is the best thing you can ask for.

I am so happy for having taken part in this project and this is just the third of so many projects I will participate in. I really think life is made for living it and this kind of things give me the energy and the courage for taking and accomplish the challenges that life can put on my way.

Russia is such an interesting and different place from what I know and I am really thankful for having been done the opportunity of getting to know its culture and people.

Alvaro explains his experience as a participant in the training course "Enter in entrepreneurship- From idea to action" held in Sarajevo in April 2016

From the 1st to the 8th April 2016 I participated together with two other Spanish participants in a training course in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) offered by the youth organization “Libertas International”. There were participants from 11 different countries including Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Estonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania and Spain and we were hosted in a hotel in the outskirts of Sarajevo. The course was held in a meeting room just beside our hotel. From the beginning there was a very good atmosphere between the trainers and the participants. We started the first session with icebreaking and team building activities and afterwards the trainers introduced how the course would be organised and the topics that would be covered during the week.

Activities were also organised during the evening. For instance, there was an intercultural evening were each country presented their country traditions, dances and food and we got to know better each participant’s cultural background. One of the most inspiring workshops we did was one based on role playing, in which we all got a paper and had to represent people with different socio-economic backgrounds and we got to know the difficulties they had in order to be able to make a living, open a business,etc. In addition, we also got to know how to write educational projects such as youth exchanges and training courses to send it to the EU and for them to be approved and carry them out in our host countries. For example, in our team we came up with the idea of a youth exchange based on raising awareness about the “refugee” issue, which is currently very up to date. In addition, we also were able to develop ideas for creating a social enterprise and how to articulate it in practice through the resources and tools offered by the European institutions.

The fifth day of the course we made a visit to Mostar, a city 2 hours away from Sarajevo, and we visited a successful social enterprise. The owner of the club explained us that its main aim was to enhance understanding among young people because the atrocities commited during the war between ethnic groups in the Balkan region had left many scars. By organizing social events and bringing renowned music groups from the region he managed to come up with a successful and sustainable enterprise, whilst contributing to the well-being of the local community. We also had some time to visit the city and it’s marvellous historic district and we visited the local mosque, which was a very interesting experience for all of us.

Regarding the participants of the group, I must say that there was a large diversity of people, with different ideas and this enhanced participation and group spirit. It seemed as there was no hierarchy as in formal education and we all had a say in the activities which were programmed.

Finally, I would highly recommend this course for any person willing to improve their soft and managerial skills and to engage with people from different cultural backgrounds. It was an unforgettable experience!

Experiencia de participantes en el proyecto SUNEMPLOYMENT en Grecia el pasado mes de diciembre 2014

En primer lugar me gustaría presentarme.
Soy Alejandro Bordera Garcia y vivo en Onil,me han pedido que hiciera una redacción sobre el viaje que hice a gracia y la verdad es que con una redacción no podría explicar todas esas cosas que pude vivir y sentir en el viaje jaja.
Me entere del viaje poco después de haber vuelto de estar viviendo en Francia por motivos de trabajo,me entere gracias a un amigo mio que esta en la organización de Libertas y me explico que era un viaje de estudios en el cual hacíamos intercambios de todo tipo de cosas( tanto sociales como culturales,políticas ;etc;etc).
Decidí participar en el proyecto por que después de haber viajado una vez quería ver mas mundo y mas cosas y si tenia esta oportunidad no la iba a desaprovechar como es lógico jaja.
Lo cierto es que al principio iba un poco perdido porque no sabia que íbamos a hacer ni nada pero lo cierto es que conforme llegamos todo fue perfecto exceptuando la comida y la logística del proyecto,pero bueno no todo puede ser perfecto jaja.
los países que participaron fueron: Portugal,Búlgaria,Italia,Chipre,Letonia,Grecia y España.
Y lo cierto es que con todas las personas de los países son espectaculares por las cosas que aprendes y vives con ellas.
Yo como experiencia personal con las personas de Italia,Portugal y Búlgaria la verdad es que jamas voy a olvidar las y espero que ellos/as tampoco por ciertas cosas que nos pasaron y ciertas vivencias que llegamos a tener.
En resumen solo me queda por decir que en Portugal tengo a dos chicas(Marta y Catia) que jamas voy a olvidar, en Italia tengo a otras dos personas que jamas olvidare(Federica y Davide) y las mejores de todas en mi opinión son mis 6 nuevas hermanas de Búlgaria (Mina,Silvia,Krasimira,Aneta,Maria y Cvetelina) las cuales voy a llevar siempre en mi corazón y mi memoria.
Y si alguien tiene que leer esto para poder convencerse para hacer un viaje de este estilo solo puedo decirle una cosa para convencerlo y es.
”Te juro que una experiencia así solo se vive una vez, no la dejes pasar”


Todo empezó el día en que Cristina me comentó que había un intercambio sobre desempleo juvenil en Grecia. Yo ya había estado en Bulgaria en Agosto con Libertas International en un training course sobre mediación, y me había encantado. Inmediatamente cuadré mi agenda y comprobé que podía ir. Se lo comenté a cuatro amigos que aceptaron encantados.

Así, el día 4 de Diciembre comenzó nuestra aventura en Atenas, que terminaría el día 14. Cerca de la 1 de la madrugada del día 4, mis cuatro amigos y yo, entusiasmados por el viaje que nos esperaba cogimos el bus que nos llevaría al aeropuerto de Madrid, dónde horas después saldría nuestro vuelo hacia Atenas.

El intercambio no empezaría hasta el día siguiente a la tarde, así que el primer día fue un poco de toma de contacto de la ciudad, estábamos cansados y nos fuimos pronto a dormir. Al día siguiente nos levantamos pronto y nos dirigimos a visitar la Acrópolis que para nada nos dejó indiferentes por su envergadura y majestuosidad. Poco después nos encontramos con Laura, la encantadora leader de nuestro grupo, quien venía de Barcelona.

Luego nos trasladamos al albergue en el que nos hospedaríamos los nueve días que nos restaban, y a la tarde comenzamos a conocer a la maravillosa gente con la que compartiríamos momentos tan divertidos a lo largo de los días siguientes: 36 personas provinientes de Portugal, Chipre, Italia, Bulgaria, Letonia y Grecia. Al principio parecía imposible aprender sus nombres pero poco a poco conseguimos aprenderlos todos. La experiencia de haber podido conocer a cada uno de ellos es indescriptible.

Durante estos días tanto el día como la noche se hacían cortos, y todos tratábamos de aprovechar el tiempo al máximo y conocer más sobre estas personas que aunque, por la confianza mutua no pareciese, acabábamos de conocer. Hicimos amigos de otros países, que a pesar de la distancia perdurarán en el tiempo. Incluso algunos de los participantes se enamoraron.

Hay momentos que no se olvidan como el concurso de baile que nos organizaron, el “energizer” de la portuguesa Catia, con la canción de “my little pony”; o la fiesta del último día con el colofón de la despedida en grupo a los portugueses (cantándoles en plena plaza Syntagma).

De hecho estoy deseando poder reencontrarme con alguno de los participantes, y también hacer otro curso o intercambio. Este fue mi segundo, y en cada uno de ellos la experiencia y la enseñanza que se obtiene es distinta. En cada uno la gente es diferente y eso no hace sino enriquecernos de cultura y de experiencia.

Santiago Berenguer Ferri


El viaje de intercambio a Atenas fue una experiencia genial. Aconsejable para todas las personas que les guste viajar, aprender y conocer gente.

Yo me enteré de este proyecto a través de un amigo que ya estaba inscrito en la asociación y también en el proyecto de Atenas. Él me comentó que había un viaje previsto para Grecia sobre el desempleo juvenil en el que se harían tareas con el tema en cuestión y muchas más actividades, donde me dijo también que participarían personas de diferentes países de la UE.

Cuando me dijo si quería formar parte del proyecto, me pareció una idea genial ya que es un modo útil, económico  y práctico de aprender y mejorar el inglés, conocer a mucha gente de diferentes lugares, lo que es genial, y también te da la oportunidad de viajar al extranjero y conocer más sobre otros países.

El proyecto tuvo una duración de nueve días, allí hicimos un montón de actividades relacionadas con el tema del proyecto, como exponer cada país la situación de desempleo juvenil que acontece en cada sitio, hablar sobre las diferentes situaciones de cada país en temas económicos y sociales, un día también nos dieron una conferencia sobre Europa 2020… etc

En tema sociabilizar con el resto de participantes del proyecto el primer día se hizo una fiesta de bienvenida y actividades para poder conocernos todos mejor, para poder aprendernos los nombres y conocer un poco mejor a la gente con la que íbamos a compartir allí en Atenas nueve días. Uno de los días hicimos una ginkana en la que estábamos  mezclados de todos los países, la actividad consistía en hacer unas fotos por Atenas y conseguir información, lo que nos sirvió para interactuar con el grupo y conocer también de paso un poco más la ciudad.  También hubieron dos noches interculturales, lo que estaba super bien porque podías conocer y probar otro tipo de comidas diferentes a las de tu propio país.

Habían participantes de Portugal, Italia, Letonia, Bulgaria, Chipre, Grecia y España.

Yo personalmente es una experiencia que volveré a repetir y que recomiendo a la gente, y si formáis parte de un proyecto como este os aseguro que os gustará y no os arrepentireís.


El intercanvi juvenil SUNemployment que va tenir lloc a Atenes del 5 al 13 de desembre ha estat la meva primera experiència com a youth leader en un intercanvi  internacional amb joves procedents de països diferents. El intercanvi tractava diferents temes com l’atur juvenil en els països del sud d’Europa i potenciar a través de diferents activitats i tallers l’empoderament dels joves i a seva ocupació.

Com a youth leader, juntament amb el meu grup, i com la resta de grups juntament amb els respectius leaders, era responsable d’organitzar una sèrie de tallers per realitzar-los durant aquella setmana de manera conjunta. Un dels nostres tallers va ser potenciar l’escriptura creativa amb el taller Loesje, que consistia en crear textos i slogans innovadors a partir de la imaginació i idees dels participants i que estiguessin relacionats amb la temàtica de el intercanvi.  Els youth leaders també es vam fer carrer de preparar diferents dinàmiques per trencar el gel( ice-breaking games) i de reactivació ( energizers) per despertar, activar i donar energies al grup en moments de més cansament.

L’experiència de ser youth leader em va agradar ja que em sentia amb la responsabilitat de que el meu grup, i també en certa mesura del grup general, estigués gaudint ,aprenent i es trobés a gust amb l’ambient, així com oferir-los la confiança de que podien comptar amb mi per qualsevol problema, dubte o consulta i jo també poder fer-los arribar als coordinadors i per tant tenir, a part de participant,un paper d’intermediària. També em va permetre conèixer als youth leaders dels altres països i el funcionament previ del programa, ja que vam tenir una visita preparatòria prèvia on vam estar comentant el programa i les diferents tasques que cadascú realitzaria i la dinàmica i relació entre els líders va ser molt positiva. Va haver-hi moments per parlar de les nostres experiències, establir nous contactes i conèixer les altres associacions. Considero que ser youth leader et fa veure l’altra part d’un intercanvi, i tens una visió més global d’aquest. T’exigeix una mica més de responsabilitat i dedicació però que venen compensats per la mateixa il·lusió, motivació, ganes d’aprendre  i compartir que tens i hi diposites en aquesta experiència. És per tant, una experiència que recomano a tothom ja que és molt enriquidora a nivell personal i et pot obrir portes a nivell educatiu i professional.


Alex Silvestre Sánchez

 Este viaje ha sido una experiencia muy enriquecedora e interesante desde mi punto de vista por diferentes razones. Una de ellas es la capacidad de viajar a un país que es la cuna de la cultura occidental, este intereses es debido a que la historia es mi ámbito de estudio.

Conocí este proyecto gracias a amigos que se interesaron en esta experiencia y me propusieron hacerla con ellos, viven en el mismo pueblo que yo luego eso facilitó las cosas. Pero este proyecto se hacía en unas fechas difíciles para mí por ser época de trabajos y demás. También hay que sumar que mi nivel de inglés no es muy alto y además soy una persona un poco vergonzosa en el aspecto de conocer a gente nueva.

Pero todo cambia en el momento en el que rompes la barrera de la vergüenza y te das cuenta que esa situación la están viviendo los demás compañeros, pero es una experiencia buena. No solo por la capacidad de practicar leguas, sino por conocer otras culturas, la mentalidad de personas de otros países.

Para realizar todo esto hicimos diferentes actividades, como ejercicios de presentación, de organización y orientación por la ciudad con compañeros de otros países y diferentes explicaciones y exposiciones que son útiles para estudiantes. Pero la organización que por diferentes motivos no tuvo el papel que se pretendía en el intercambio.

Aun así solo con la capacidad de conocer a gente de fuera de tu ámbito personal durante un tiempo, es suficiente como para recomendar este tipo de intercambios. Sobre todo para gente como yo que dudan de dar el paso.


Marta Albero

Talking about my experience in Athens is very easy.

It all started when one of my friends who came with me to the trip proposed me to go. He had already done something like this and he had such a good time so we didn’t hesitate to go.

I decided to go because I’ve always wanted to go to Athens, and going with my friends (we were five friends from the same town and age) was a great opportunity for me. I didn’t know what I was going to find there.

When we first got there, we didn’t know anybody but us, but the portuguese people were very nice and sat with us and started talking. We went for a drink and the friendship started. The next day we met the others, there were people from Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Latvia and Greece. We started to be a big group, we met great people and we started to meet each other very well. It was very strange because after three days it was like we had met each other for years!

The topic was SUNemployment, and we were supposed to do activities about this, the activities weren’t the best, but the people made that everything in the program was good. My favorite activity was when we did a gymkhana all around Athens. We made groups, one of each country, so you couldn’t speak your own language the whole day and you had to start meeting people. We had a great time that morning (even my team didn’t win).

We had everything, very interesting activities as a chat which explained us how Europe is growing and trying to be unified. We had other boring activities, and we had funny activities as “Dancing with the Stars”. We were given a couple and a topic and we had to do a dance. The performance was very funny.

We had a great time, they were eleven unforgettable days that made me grow as a person, and open myself more. It was very sad the last day, when we had to leave and say goodbye. This experience gave me the opportunity not only to discover Athens, but also to meet people from different countries, different cultures and to learn a lot from them.

So, if I you ask me if the experience was worth it, I totally say yes. In fact, I am waiting for the next one!

Internship with Libertas International - Annijas and Galinas' experience in Mersin, Turkey


We love to see the world; we like to meet new people, get some new experience and challenge ourselves! Actually we are – Galina Jakovenko and Annija Bernava. Currently we are studying in Turiba University, Riga, Latvia. Galina studies Public Relations and Annija – International Communication Management! So we are communication people! We are in our final year in university and about to cross the finish line with our studies. Very important for us is to do an internship. And for this we chose to do it with Libertas International. In order to improve their communication and for us to get some real life experience in our study field. We truly like and admire the work and projects that organization does, so we are more than happy for opportunity to be here!

Our first week in Mersin is already over, but we are definitely looking forward for more things that will amaze us! We can say – Only first week – but it feels like months already. So many new experiences!! We have met amazing people and already have made many friends! Stereotypes are already changing and we are truly in love with this country. People here are surprisingly friendly, outgoing and helpful, one of the best people we have ever met.  Sometimes it even doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the same language – there are more other ways how to communicate. And we are surely using all of them.

There are also a lot of things which we found so interesting and so different from our country – Latvia.

First of all – weather. We come from country, where in January, it is minus  A LOT, but not here. It is just perfect. Sun is smiling and making us happy already – In January! Public transportation is absolutely crazy, but in a funny and nice way! You can get in and out of bus wherever you want! So handy! J Don’t even need a bus stop. Food is so tasty here – or how that would be in Turkish – cok lezettli. Yogurt everywhere and with everything! Red, yellow or green light  – that all means you can continue your driving. J Those are just a just a few things that we wrote down. But there are MANY more! We enjoy every minute here!

We got our own apartment, which has a beautiful view to the beach. But over all we can already say that this internship and the time we will spend here will not just give us more experience professionally, but will  (and already has) help us to understand differences and common things within the people and culture. I guess you can say – we are learning life as well.

With love, Annija and Galina

Feedback from group leader Diana Vestineanu of the youth exchange MY LIFE MY WAY in Latvia in December 2013

The project had a significant impact for all the participants. It was an especial project for all. It was for the right people in the right place in the right moment.

From the beginning of the project, everybody arrived with the idea that we are there to have a better life, no matter how. And from here, we “adapt” and we start to know better each other’s and having fun, because this is the best way to be in the same wavelength.

With such a nice beginning, all the reunions, energizers, meals, walks and activities have been beautifully shaped. We felt the support and friendship from the organizers, and they have provided all the necessary. An additional it was that the leaders from each country, they have created from the APV a good connection and in the project they collaborate very well, and adding open participants, the atmosphere has surpassed our expectations.

In one week, we had everything, from a lot of laughing, delicious meals, crazy and pleasant reunions, energizers and activities, enjoyable communication, and successful coordination.

 Diana Vestineanu

We learned about…

–        Theater in an entertaining and provocative way, about attitudes about life through the scenes, about discrimination and inclusion through spontaneity.

–        Health and feeding with documentary, family atmosphere, support and sharing.

–        Sport from experts and putting into practice.

–        About us through reflection, trust, debate and testimonial.

–        Other cultures, traditions, people, food with creativity, entertainment, music, good atmosphere and right activities.

–        Happiness and way of thinking through imagination and playing.

–        Working together in team, creating our own “product”, feeling sharing value information and experiences.

–        Importance of the concentration, reflection through good instruments and methods

–        Learning one from each other, sharing positivism, humor, friendship and listening.

NOW we want more…! We want PART 2 ofMy life my way!

Marta's experience in Serbia during her 1st European Passion Academy from 2nd to 10th May 2013

Before going to the 1st European Passion Academy in Sajan, Serbia, I honestly had no idea what to expect. It was the first training course I was attending and with a topic like “passion”, I was a bit confused beginning the course.  I soon realized I was not alone in my confusion and that I was abOout to embark on a unique, 10-day experience that combined passion, youth workers, and lots of dancing. I learned a great deal about myself on the trip, and though I didn’t exactly find my passion during the training course, it was filled with life lessons and new insights. The people I met in Serbia were one-of-a-kind and they actually taught me as much as the trainers did. The participants came from countries from all over Europe. Not only did I learn about new cultures and languages, but also what people my own age were up to in places like Romania, Belarus and Azerbaijan.

We all grew really close in the small time we spent together, and by the last day everyone was sad to be leaving the small, rural town of Sajan, where there was very limited internet connection and not a bar in sight. My time in Serbia at the 1st European Passion Academy was a wonderful experience enhanced by the great participants and the dedicated trainers we were lucky to have. I feel lucky to have had the chance to attend and it will be an experience that I will remember fondly for the rest of my life.



Todo empezó con un Training Course en Málaga, en el que conocí a Libertas Internacional.

 Me informaron sobre el proyecto con la Asociacion Amal Timerssit en Marruecos y sin pensármelo dos veces, les dije que contaran conmigo para cualquier cosa.

 El viaje estaba a punto de empezar…….Pasaban los días y llego el momento tan ansioso de que saliera la publicación para el voluntariado en Marruecos. Nada mas salir me puse en contacto con Libertas International y me aceptaron como voluntariado en el mes de Febrero.

 La experiencia empezó y no se como describirla detalladamente, simplemente expreso que cuando has hecho algo que ha sido “increíble” y que quisieras que el tiempo se parara por momentos, estas en autentica Felicidad, esto sucedió durante todo el mes de Febrero en Timerssit.

 Timerssit un pueblo pequeño, niños sonriendo, adolescentes con ganas de aprender nuevos idiomas y muchísima gente humilde con pocos recursos económicos.

 Esta experiencia positiva 120%, demuestra que no hace falta casi nada para ser feliz, el simple hecho de ver cada mañana a los niños y adolescentes que acuden a tus clases y te lo agradecen con una gran sonrisa…….no hay palabras!!!!

Todo esto no termina aquí: Mi gran aventura acaba de empezar……..No se como o cuando, pero si que se que regrese, para poder ayudar a Timerssit y a todos los adolescentes en el desarrollo de su futuro.

¡Muchas Gracias a todos!  ¡I love Timerssit!

Enrique Castillo Carbonell

Free Voices - Jaqueline Molla


One thing leads to another and an environmental volunteer summer camp  leaded me here.

 I met Libertas International and got a great friend, Cristina. My first destination (two years ago, September): trainning in Romania (Baia Mare). I met with other young Europeans (exchange of ideas and big experiences shared Cracking! and when you have done something that has been “fantastic”, we say! “This is to repeat” . That is why In July of last summer 2012, I went to Morocco, as a volunteer to teach Spanish language in a very, very humble district, near Agadir. INCREDIBLEEEEE! (I have no words to describe this rewarding experience). “And then we complain about small things, seeing families with few resources giving the little they have to us and the smiles of children since you get up until you go to bed and how fast they learn, in every way.

 I strongly recommend this very positive experience for everyone, really. But it does not end here, two new experiences encourage me to continue in this great organization. Two training courses more. This time in France and Spain, with different topics (environmental and youth polices) but the same objectives. Exchange of problems facing the country and carry out solutions to these problems. Good outcomes and great people.

All this does not end here: My great adventure has just begun. So I’m already thinking about my next destination …That is all I want!

We have to take advantage of time and enjoy these spectacular experiences. And this is a great opportunity to meet great people and even to learn English. Additionally, exchange ideas and knowledge (competence of learning to learn).


 I see you in Moraira. Greetings to all! And thanks for everything!!

Jaqueline Molla Bellod

Free Voices - Camila Vázquez Conde




 In October 2012 I participated in a course of the European Union in Alicante (Spain), under the “Youth in Action Programme” and promoted by the “Association Libertas International”. There was a young group from Mediterranean countries: Egyptians, Palestinians, Italians, Moroccan, Spanish and French. All aimed at enhancing and enriching intercultural exchange.

I lived an unforgettable experience. As a sociologist and professional career councelor


Libertas International is a youth organization composed by young experts from several countries willing to work together to make this world better