Aaron from Alicante shares his experience while taking part in a EU funded project called APPRECIATING DIVERSITY in Russia fro 19-28 October 2018.

Everything started when I received an email from the organization saying that there was a new project in Velegozh, in the region of Tula (Russia). I would have never imagined that at the early age of 20 years old I would have already done three Erasmus + projects in Hungary, Serbia and Russia. I am writing this text from the Sheremetyevo Airport, in Moscow, and right now I have so many feelings and thoughts from these last ten days on my mind.

I want to talk about so many things, but most of all, I want to thank the organization Libertas International for making this experience possible. From Russia, I will always remember the fabulous people I have met, the beautiful place where the project has taken place and the good organization of the program. We have lived so many funny moments and the cultural exchange has been so successful. Sixty-eight people (60 participants and 8 group leaders) from four different countries (Spain, the UK, Moldova and Russia) have lived the fantastic experience of being in Russia doing so many activities of all kind where we have developed this project based on ‘’Diversity’’ and we have learned about the European Union and the different projects and volunteering in which youths like me can participate.

Some of the activities I would like to highlight are the model of UN, intercultural night, small workshops for showing different skills and international dances.

Apart from this, the interpersonal skills I have developed are huge. I consider most of the participants my friends and I know that any time I need their help or I need a house or a guide of their interesting countries, I can count on them; and this is the best thing you can ask for.

I am so happy for having taken part in this project and this is just the third of so many projects I will participate in. I really think life is made for living it and this kind of things give me the energy and the courage for taking and accomplish the challenges that life can put on my way.

Russia is such an interesting and different place from what I know and I am really thankful for having been done the opportunity of getting to know its culture and people.

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