encuentro internacional de jóvenes APPRECIATING DIVERSITY del 19-28 de octubre 2018 en Velegozh, Tula, Rusia

Nuestra Asociación colabora con otra asociación con el proyecto APPRECIATING DIVERSITY, que tendrá lugar del 19 al 28 de octubre de 2018 en Velegozh, Tula, Rusia.

Este encuentro internacional de jóvenes reunirá a jóvenes de entre 16 y 22 años de Moldavia, Rusia, Reino Unido y  España.

Desde España participarán 15 jóvenes españoles y 2 líderes de grupo.

El proyecto, que está financiado por el programa Erasmus Plus cubre los gastos de avión y autobús en Rusia, alojamiento, comidas y actividades, y parcialmente los gastos del visado.

Los organizadores comprarán los billetes de avión para los participantes. La salida será desde Madrid. Los gastos de transporte desde la ciudad del participante de salida hasta Madrid no están cubiertas por el programa.

Al llegar a Moscú un autobús estará esperando a los participantes de todos los países, por lo tanto no tendrán que viajar solos en Moscú.

Velegozh (Región de Tula) es un lugar de vacaciones con balnearios y zonas verdes, situados a 3 horas de Moscú.


Para participar envia un email a infolibertasinternational@gmail.com. Necesitarás hacerte socio de nuestra asociación. Y habrá una tasa de participación de 30 euros.


Los participantes estarán alojados en habitación compartida. El lugar tiene espacios compartidos, jardines, etc.


Day 1.  Friday 19 October.

Welcome to Russia and Getting to know you

11.00am         Russian group arrive at the centre

Prepare the games and welcome ceremony for international partners

1.00pm           International groups arrive

2.00pm                       Welcome ceremony from the Russian group.

Bedroom allocation for both male and female

Walk round the site familiarising yourself with the surroundings.

3.30pm           Get-to-know-you games in the Common Room (pair interviews, business card game, the map of the world, line-up games, etc.)

Followed by health & Safety session and ground rules.

Expectations and setting goals: What are we looking to take from this experience

Hand out programmes and discuss.

Make secret friend envelopes and put on the wall.

6.00pm           Evening Meal

7.30pm           Welcoming evening with dance, games etc


Day 2   Saturday 20 October 2018

English as a global language of communication

8.30/9.30am   Breakfast

10.00am         Meet on the grass outside the Hall for team-building activities.

The group will be split into mixed groups by gender and country.

12.30pm         Lunch

1.30pm            Break the code game. Teams split into mixed groups by gender and country undertaking different tasks enabling them to break the code. The game will take the participants through different English-speaking countries and enable them understand the value of English as lingua franca.

3.30pm            Workshop around the European Union.  Through DVD, Games and quiz

5.00pm            Presentation of the Erasmus plus programme.

6.00pm            Evening Meal.

7.00pm            Evaluate the day. National food showcase and workshops


Day 3 Sunday 21 October 2018

Diversity of ideas. Effective critical and creative thinking

8.30/9.30am   Breakfast

9.30am            Meet in front of Hall to prepare for outdoor activities.

10.00am          Quest about great thinkers of humankind.

11.00am          Outdoor Activities        Change activity

12.00am          Outdoor Activities         Change activity

1.00pm            Lunch

2.00pm            Outdoor Activities          Change activity

3.00pm            Outdoor Activities          Change activity

4.00pm            Outdoor Activities          Change activity

5.00pm            Evaluate the day

6.00pm            Evening Meal.

7.00pm            National songs night in the Common room


Day 4 Monday 22 October

Diversity of ethnic cultures and social groups.

8.30/9.30am   Breakfast

10.00am          Energizer by the Russian group

10.30am          Introduction to Cultural Diversity workshop

What is diversity and tolerance

Groups will then be split into 5 mixed groups through gender and countries

11.30am           Diversity workshops.

Red group- Tolerance and diversity through drama.

Blue Group- Diversity in my local community

Green Group – Conflict resolution workshop.

Yellow  Group – Diversity and tolerance through comic books.

Purple group – Diversity and leadership.

1.00pm            Lunch

2.00pm            Continue with diversity workshops

3.30pm            Diversity workshops change

5.00pm            Evaluate the day

6.00pm            Evening Meal

8.00pm            Small games night with music and board games. Young people socialising with one another


Day 5 Tuesday 23 October

Cultural visit to Tula

7.00/7.30am   Breakfast

7.30am            Get on bus with packed lunch for cultural visit to Tula

10.00am          Arrive at Tula Kremlin in the city centre.

Visit to the Kremlin, Museum of samovars, Lenin square, the Assumption Cathedral and other cultural buildings.

12.30pm         Arrive at Central Park.  Eat packed lunch

1.00pm            Explore Central Park attractions  in mixed groups.

3.00 pm            Get on bus to visit to Leo Tolstoy’s estate Yasnaya Polyana (excursion and games).

3.30pm            Visit to Leo Tolstoy’s estate Yasnaya Polyana (excursion and games).

6.30pm            Get on bus to go back to Tula and eat all together.

7.00 pm          Eat together in shopping centre Paradise

8.30pm            In small mixed groups visit social space Likerka Loft, monument to Tolstoy, other attractions. Meet all together in Likerka Loft then walk to the bus to return to the venue.


Day 6 Wednesday 24 October

Cultural Diversity workshops results

8.30/9.30am  Breakfast

9.45am            Energizer with the UK Group

10.00am          Continue with the Diversity workshop groups

11.30am          Change the Diversity workshop activity

1.00pm            Lunch

2.0pm              Prepare for the Diversity groups presentations

3.00pm            Groups present the results of their workshops

5.00pm            Evaluate the workshops.

6.00pm            Evening Meal

8.00pm            Karaoke in the club


Day 7 Thursday 25 October

Diversity of talents

8.30/9.30am   Breakfast

9.45am            Energizer with the Italian group

10.00am          Meet in the Common room to confirm the days plans.

10.30am          Preparation for the intercultural peace concert. Young people in mixed groups start to prepare for the cultural evening, rehearse performances. Some young people will prepare the site for the visitors.

1.00pm            Lunch

2.00pm            Final rehearsals and preparations.

4.00pm            Intercultural peace concert.  After the concert our guests will be invited to try the different foods while talking to the young people.

6.00pm            Evening meal.

7.30pm            Intercultural Evening in the club and evaluation of the day.



Day 8 Friday 26 October

Universal and globalized world – common problems

8.30/9.30am   Breakfast

9.45am            Energizer with Kazakhstan

10.00am          Divide into different groups and get roles for UNO model on world problems (journalists, diplomats, politicians, NGO representatives, etc.)

10.15am          Discussions and group work to prepare for the first UNO panel discussion.

1.00pm            Lunch

2.00pm           The first UNO panel discussion.

3.00pm           Return to groups by countries, discuss the results.

4.00pm             The second UNO panel discussion

6.00pm           Evening Meal

7.30pm            Evaluation of UNO model results and day evaluation.


Day 9 Saturday 27 October

Diversity of skills

8.30/9.30am   Breakfast

9.45am            Energizer with the Russian group.

10.00am          Easy try-outs. Young people teach one another different skills and crafts in mixed groups – developing leadership skills.

12.00am          Reflection on easy try-outs.

1.00pm            Lunch

2.00pm            Check your Secret friend.

4.00pm            Packing and tidying the site

5.00pm            Final evaluation

6.00 pm            Evening meal

7.30 pm            Last evening presentation of youth pass certificates followed by a party.


Day 10 Sunday 28 October

7.00/7.30am   Breakfast

7.30am            Get on bus with packed lunch for cultural visit to Moscow. Leave luggage at the bus.

10.30am          Arrive in Moscow and get to the city centre by metro.

Visit to Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, Park Zaryadye, White house and other cultural buildings.

12.30pm           Eat packed lunches in the park.

1.00pm            Visit in small groups to other cultural sites and museums (the Kremlin, Arbat, Aleksandrovskiy sad, Tretyakov Gallery, etc).

5.30pm            Arrive at Sbarro (Manezhnaya square) to eat all together.

6.30pm            International groups go to the airport. Russian group leaves for Tula.

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